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image1 (3)Published by The Comic Book Guys @comicbookguysni

Written by :        Daniel Flanagan

Aaron Flanagan @lessthanaaron

Austin Flanagan @comicbookguysni

Art by : John Mcfarlane @Cosmicbaconart

Colours:  John Mcfarlane & Tara O’Connor @taraocomics

Available to buy from: Comic Book Guys 02890 080169

Email :


Straight off the bat, I sort of went along intending to by this comic out of Charity. There I said it.

It’s produced by a comic shop that I have a lot of time for and want to see succeed in everything they do.

The best way to do that is with your cash. So When I heard they were producing a comic I decided that I would buy it, and all the variants to help support the store. Least I could do.

What I didn’t necessarily expect was to absolutely love it.

The Revenants is a zombie horror set in a comic book store. The aforementioned comic book store that I shop in. It’s protagonists are the owners of the store. This should be a terrible idea for a comic book. It Isn’t.

The writer Daniel Flannigan is the father of the store owners, it’s his first time writing a comic book and he absolutely knocks it out of the park.

The script is to the point, precise and has absolutely no fat on it. It’s funny. I mean laugh out loud funny. I read it during the books launch and had to actually catch myself on in case the people in the store thought I was some sort of escapee from a day release programme. If you know the store there are a lot of jokes that just work perfectly. If you don’t know the store it is that cleverly written that you would just breeze on past them without even realizing. In exactly the same vein there are some Belfast specific references and gags that if you are from the area you’ll get straight away, and if you aren’t they don’t get in the way of the story at all.  If Belfast had a greatest export it would be the “ Your Ma” joke, and this little gem has one of the best I’ve ever read. Filled to the brim with comic genre gags and nods, likewise horror movie references are really well used.

The artist John McFarlane’s first comic book. He really does an outstanding job on it. I can’t imagine the horror of drawing a full 28 page comic with characters that actually exist. Every single shot, every single face and expression has to be caught perfectly and John nails it every single time.

image1 (4)

For this to be his first comic the layouts are fantastic, the story really moves and flows perfectly, not a single panel misplaced or badly positioned. The reveal and splash panels are really well handled. His regular cover is no slouch either.

The colouring duties shared between John McFarlane and Tara O’Connor are a real highlight of the book. Especially in the Zombies and gore which happily feature heavily, but also in the backgrounds, shading and lighting effects. it’s unusual to find this level of colour quality in an Indy book, they usually fall back to the easier ( and cheaper ) position of black and white or grey tones. This work has paid off and really makes the book shine.

The overall productions values are excellent. Paper quality is that of an off the rack comic book, it smells ( trust me this is a thing ) and feels like the professional job that it is. Aaron Flanagan has done a great job with the lettering, another place that Indy books often fall down, cutting corners on what is a essential part of any book.  It’s placing, spacing and font is bang on and blends in perfectly to the book, exactly what you want from lettering.


The Revenants has SEVEN variants, which is insane for any Indy. That said, the variants are fantastic.  Pulling in Heavy Hitters like John McCrea & PJ Holden for covers was a real coup for this book.


In short The Revenants is a great read, funny with high production values and overall quality. If Zombie Horror is your thing this is well more than worth the cover price.

The Revenants Review
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