The Pull List #2 Review.

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Published by: Pipedream Comics @pipedreamcomics

“Comics have never been cooler, and at Pipedream Comics, we think indie comics are the coolest of the cool. So, in the latest issue of our indie comics magazine The Pull List, we celebrate their all-round brilliance by putting together a list of our favourite comic creators and small-press publishers that we’ve called ‘The Indie Cool List’.”

Up until this morning I was unaware of The Pull List’s existence. If you have had a nose around the rest of this blog it’s evident to see that I have a special little place in my heart dedicated to Indie & small press comics. I love them. In the past year I’ve read some comics from small producers that have far exceeded the quality and level of enjoyment that I get from from the big producers that dominate the comics industry. So for me to find that there is a magazine out there that seems that it was written just for me was a really pleasant surprise ( I’ve since checked and much to the disappointment of my massive ego, it was not in fact created just to make me happy).

The Pull List has great sections showcasing the art work from indie artists.

There is a fantastic piece on writing digital (or any) comic scripts from Ryan Garcia. Let’s face it anyone who reads comics and doesn’t have an ounce of artistic talent has considered, even briefly writing their own comic and this article is as useful and practical as it is thoughtful and well written.

Another long form piece by @tinytinysquid “Charlie Says” takes a look at Body Image in comics. I thought this article was thought provoking and deals with some excellent points on how people both male and female are portrayed in comics.

Creator Interviews with Christian Wildgoose from ‘Porcelain: Bone China’,  ‘Giant Days’ John Allison, ‘The Rabbit’s’ Rachel Smith and ‘A City Inside’s’ Tille Walden are well paced, handled well and make for a really interesting read.

Likewise with the interviews with Dirty Rotton Comics & Madius Comics on producing small press comics was really informative.

The Pull List also has reviews of:

  • The Pride
  • Pride Adventures from Queer Comix
  • Bertie Bear & Dagger of a Thousand Souls from Bounce Comics
  • Walking Dead: The Alien from Panel Syndicate/ Image Comics
  • Brethren Born #2  from Level 8 comics
  • 100% Biodegradable from Biomekazoik Comics
  • Widdershins 1-5 from Widdershins Comics
  • Big Punch Magazine from Big Punch Studios
  • Apes and Capes from Bounce Comics
  • Druid Investigations from Attic Studios
  • Karma Police from Comics Experience
  • The Broken Frontier and Save Our Souls Anthologies.

That’s a hell of a lot of Indie comics to cast your eye over right there, so having The Pull List review them will be a great tool on deciding what to read next.

A review of Indie comics available at Birmingham Comics Festival, and the festival is great to see as small press books are a really important aspect of Comic Cons for me.

Weighing in at around forty pages for just 99p I was blown away by the quality and volume of the content in The Pull List.  The presentation is fantastic! I’ve deliberately avoided adding any images because I want you to go and buy this and see for yourself.

By it from GUMROAD

The Pull List is the magazine on indie comics I didn’t know I needed or wanted. If you have even a passing interest in small press comics this is a must read.

The Pull List #2 Review.
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