The Penned Guin: Melting Pot Review



Created, drawn and written by Alan Henderson

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Melting Pot is not the usual sort of comic that comes to my attention. It’s a daily strip that appears on tumblr that has been collected into print editions . It’s created , drawn & written by Alan Henderson. I received digital copy in my blog mailbox for review and thought what the hell I’ll give it a shot.

I absolutely loved it.

It’s just little short strip cartoons featuring Penguins. I’m a great fan of puns and this little book has them in spades. Some of the jokes are older than I am but it doesn’t matter it works. Some of the others are really original and cleverly written. I genuinely laughed out loud and had a great time reading this. At close to 140  individual cartoons in the Melted Pot collection I guarantee there will be something to make you smile in here.FullSizeRenderThe art is simple, but it really suits the content and it makes it accessible for both kids and adults. Let me be clear by simple I don’t mean bad. The characters have a natural charm that really sucked me in and kept me reading.

If I had one suggestion I would be that the skills of a professional letterer could be put to great use here just to clean up the images and make them a little easier to read, but that’s a minor niggle.

I’m going to keep an eye on the tumblr posts to bring a little bit of happiness into my life on a daily basis. Who doesn’t need a reason smile in their daily lives, and this little series will do that for you.

Alan is appearing at Thoughtbubble on Sat 14th – 15th of November in Leeds at the Royal Armouries Hall so if you are attending come and see him and pick up this and some of the other collected editions that are available.

The Penned Guin: Melting Pot Review
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