The Ether #2 Review

Written By: Matt Garvey @mattgarvey1981

Art By: Dizevez @DIZEVEZ


Issue number one of Matt Garvey & Dizivez’s The Ether was the best comic I read in 2018.

I don’t mean the best Indie comic.

I mean THE best comic.

You can read my review of #1 HERE

Before you go any further in this review for #2 you need to go and read the first one if you haven’t already.

You can buy it HERE from Comixology. I’ll wait for you.

The question is can Dizivez and Garvey capture lightning in a bottle twice?

The following image is the answer…


I considered leaving the review there. That splash page says more about this book than I could say if I typed for the next 100 years.

This darkly disturbing but beautiful looking tale started in issue one continues at the same rapid pace. This time we get to see more of the person behind the mask. Garvey is a master of twists and writes the hell out of action sequences. This book shows me that he can tell human story, tinged with sadness , one that gives a rare insight into the havoc being a hero can cause on home life. In addition to the turmoil at home the Ether’s secret identity is no longer secret…

Dizivez art in this book has the same dynamism and kinetic energy that made the initial issue so captivating but like the script, when it calls for The Ether’s home life to be shown the softness and difference in lighting used create an excellent, poignant juxtaposition to the darkness of The Ether’s night time exploits.

Not a book to jump in on at number two , you really need to read the first one to get the most out of The Ether but when you do you’ll have a book that’s both beautiful to look at and one you’ll find yourself racing through because you can’t wait to find out what happens next.

The Ether Issue #2 is available from



The Ether #2 Review
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