Spider-Man: Hooky


Written by: Susan. K. Putney

Art by : Bernie Wrightson


It’s not often that I recommend a book that has almost zero to offer in the form of it’s story.

Spider-man: Hooky might just be that animal.

Susan K Putney is a writer I’ve never heard of. I’ve looked her up and the only other thing by her I can find is a sci-fi novel from 1972 called “Against Arcturus” which for all I know might be the greatest space opera ever written.

All I can tell you is Spider-man: Hooky isn’t the greatest comic book ever written.

Jesus even the thought of trying to relate the plot of this to you is breaking me out in hives. So I’ll give you the blurb from Marvel’s own website:

“Fighting against the horrific Tordenkakerlakk, Spider-Man must find a way to overcome a foe that becomes stronger with each defeat.”

Any the wiser?

Ok –  how about from Marvel Wiki on Spider-man: Hooky?

“Spider-Man Vs. The Horrific Tordenkakerlakk In The Dimension Of Cloudsea! Can Spidey And The Spirited Spindrifter overcome a foe that becomes more powerful – and more terrifying – each time It’s defeated? A Macabre Masterpiece Illustrated In Disturbing Detail By Horror Master Bernie Wrightson”

Look that’s the best I can tell you. This book is a Dr Strange book that somehow ended up being a Spider-man book.

The plot doesn’t matter.

Honestly it doesn’t the only thing that matters is the final piece of info on that Marvel Wiki entry:

“Illustrated in disturbing detail by horror master Bernie Wrightson”

Prior to stumbling onto this while researching another of the Marvel Graphic Novels “Daredevil: Love & War” for my podcast I had zero idea that this existed or that Bernie Wrightson had ever drawn Spider-man professionally.

I’d first become aware of Wrightson’s work when I read Stephen King’s Cycle Of The Werewolf

The fantastic art work in this book has stayed with me since I read it when I was 16. Almost 25 years later it’s still the greatest depiction of Werewolves I’ve ever seen.

I have a feeling that his depiction of Spider-man might well stay with me for just as long.

Just look at the musculature, pose and shadows/reflection of Spidey on the under side of the fire escape.

For *Reasons* in the plot Spidey ends up in a Harem. One of the strangest Spider-man panels I’ve ever seen and unusually racy for a Spider-man comic.

Just take another look at the image above showing Spidey’s somersault – I swear to god if you look at it long enough you can see him move the dynamics and fluidity of form are so good  – not to mention that horrible Todernkaklerlakk.

It’s been a long time since a book grabbed me by the artistic balls as hard as Spider-man Hooky did. I have a new obsession I’m going to hunt down every single piece of Berine Wrightson comic book art I can find.

You can buy Spider-man: Hooky digitally HERE on Comixology




Spider-Man: Hooky

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  • December 2, 2018 at 2:52 pm

    I was not aware of this book. The art is truly AMAZING 😉


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