Rabbit & Paul Review



Written, drawn and published by:  Sean Hogan @Unsuccesful

Physical copy available to buy online: HERE

Also available to buy from:


The Big Bang , Sandyford Road, Dublin, Ireland

Tel : +353 1 216 5093

Email: Info@thebigbang.ie

When Paul gets lost in the small Irish town of Bally’O’Jhaysus, he has no idea of the adventure that lies ahead of him. After accidentally buying a 6 foot tall, anthropomorphic rabbit, it’s up to the two of them to work together and get Paul home! However, along the way the pair become distracted by peculiar townsfolk, illegal candy and… the largest Chinese restaurant in the Midlands?! Can the duo get Paul home, and dare say, become friends?

Firstly, and I want you to pay special attention to me saying this. This is Sean Hogan’s debut. I’m going to put it into bold text now so we are absolutely clear… HIS DEBUT.

This is the single most impressive first time foray in to comics it has ever been my pleasure to come across.

Sean wrote it. Illustrated it. Lettered it and published it himself. As far as I know he has written the theme tune too. The book is of that high a quality any of these things by itself would have been an achievement to be proud of. To have done it all himself is really annoying… the talented (REDACTED)

All ages books are not really my go to thing with comics I’m 37 scraping 38 for god’s sake but there are a few such as Monster Motors that I’ve fallen in love with. Rabbit and Paul is right up there with them.

This has a great story. It’s characters are fully formed , living breathing entities that I instantly took to heart. It’s funny. I mean laugh out loud funny in places. In both the script and some of the little details in the artwork. I defy you not to fall in love with Rabbit.

Rabbit Close up

It has a quintessential Irish-ness about it, that if you are from the island of Ireland you’ll pick up on immediately, but if you aren’t you’ll gloss over without it even being apparent. It’s very cleverly done.

rabbit and paul 3

The artwork has a simple raw quality to it. That’s not to mean it’s bad. It’s not. It’s beautifully drawn and the panel sequencing is perfect.  The art suits the story and that is all I want from a comic. No colours, and I think that works perfectly. I think that raw quality would be diminished not improved on by the tender care of even a professional colourist. Need to highlight the lettering here. Usually the lettering of a self published work can be the downfall. Lot of people bang out an excellent comic and then just throw the lettering in as an after thought. Not here. Absolutely sterling job done by someone who clearly did their research.

rabbit & Paul 2

In short, I was thoroughly impressed by Rabbit And Paul. Again for a debut work it’s nothing short of a fully polished, living breathing comic. This is perfect for anyone. Older comic readers like me. Kids will get a kick out of it and also one I will be recommending from now on to people who don’t read comics and ask me what they should be reading to try them out. I can’t wait for whatever Sean Hogan produces next.




Rabbit & Paul Review

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