Papercuts and Inkstains 02 Review.


image1Published by Madius Comics

Written by:
Rob Jones @Robjoneswrites
Mike Sambrook @Rapiaghi

Art by:
Mike Smith @Deadcertmike
          Rory Donald @imnotdaredevil4
           Jim Lavery @jimlavery1

Cover by:
Jim Lavery @jimlavery1

If you have read by review of Papercuts And Inkstains 01 you’ll know how much I loved it. Loving it was an understatement. It was hands down the best small press book I’ve read. So now issue two was nestled in front of me on my lap. Did it suffer from difficult second album syndrome? How could they improve on something as good as issue one? Madius comics KILLED it with this issue. They had taken the high production values , great art & writing from issue one and not just matched it but surpassed it in every way.

Jim Lavery’s cover makes me smile every time I look at it. The pastiche of an 80’s American family portrait just works. Featuring all the characters from the interior stories just like issue one did. It’s a fantastic cover image that makes you want to pick up the book to see what’s inside. The colours on the cover are bright and vibrant especially on the jumper pattern. His take on the characters from the other two stories that he didn’t draw contrast the interior artists perfectly. Honestly one of my favourite covers in the last year. It’s not Adam Hughes, but who is apart from Adam Hughes. It’s design,execution & layout just works as a cover and comedy tone matches the interior to a tee.

The art overall is an even higher standard than issue one. Rory Donald’s opening story “Cast Adrift” uses strong inks, shadows & silhouettes to bring real atmosphere and a sense of impending doom to Rob Jones “Alien-esque” story.  The theme is similar to the movies but is 40,000 light years from a rip-off. it is it’s own tale that Jones & Donald take us on of space exploration & betrayal.

Page Four

My favourite story in the book is Michael Sambrook & Jim Lavery’s  “Together Forever” an interesting little horror tale which looks at what happens to someone’s family when one of them becomes a monster. This story flows really well. Time periods jump around and in a short story that can cause all sorts of confusion and leaving you wondering what hell is going on. Not here. Clever panelling combined with an excellent script and captioning make it a breeze to follow. The set up for the twist in the “tail” if you will at the end is masterfully handled and the pay off in the gag is more than worth it. Lavery’s line work on this is fantastic. This guy gives SERIOUS Werewolf. Jim Lavery is a name you are gonna see a lot in comics in the future. I want you to remember I said that.


“Profits of Doom” by Jones, Sambrook and Smith is the only story that continues from issue one. With good reason these guys have created characters that deserve their own book.  This story of the Dad’s Army of Devil’s Worshippers is laugh out loud funny. Partly due to the cracking script from Jones & Sambrook and partly due to Smith’s outstanding art. The gray tones are used to give real depth to the characters. Backgrounds while sparse are perfectly executed and used to perfection. His action panels are exactly that packed with action. Once again as with issue one his be-tentacled demon is a triumph.

Comic Page Layout Guide 170mmx260mm with 3mm bleed

Again the books production is outstanding high quality print & a gloriously sharp digital copy. Rob Jones lettering really shines especially in “Cast Adrift” with the different sci-fi fonts really complimenting the content. Every name featured in this book is set to have a proper career in UK comics. If Madius Comics itself keeps putting out material like this it’s not long before every LCBS will be stocking their wares, not just selected stores.

Papercuts and Inkstains 02 is currently only available in physical copy HERE and selected comic book stores in the mainland UK, but go to the effort of getting it from the web store at £4.00 I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Madius Comics will also be attending Nottingham Comic Con on the 24th Of October & Thoughtbubble arts Festival 14/15th of November in Leeds if you are attending any of these events you can also pick up physical copies of the books there.

It’s important to add here I am not paid by, or in any way attached or affiliated to Madius Comics or any of its contributors ( I just really loved this book. )

Papercuts and Inkstains 02 Review.
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