Invasion From Planet Wresltletopia Review

Written by : Ed Keuhnel @EdKuehnel  & MattEntin @themattentin

Art by: Dan Schkade @DanSchkade

Colors by: Marissa Louise @marissadraws

Published by: Suspicious Behavior Productions @SBP_Comics


“When a disgruntled professional wrestler declares himself “galactic champion of the universe” an alien planet of wrestlers sees it as an act of war!

A whopping THIRTY-TWO page megaextravaganza of a comic book kicks off this series with art by Dan Schkade, colors by Marissa Louise and lettering by A Larger World Studios. Designed by Fred Chao. Created & Written by award-winning writers Matt Entin & Ed Kuehnel.”


If you told me twenty years ago that at the age of 39 I’d go to my first live professional wrestling show and become obsessed with it I’d have laughed in your face. Now at 41, two years after that show here I am writing a comic review for a professional wrestling themed comic. Go figure.

Wrestling and comics shouldn’t mix. On paper ( which I realize comics are, shut up ) at first glance they are like oil and water.

If you poke a little deeper though, they are both scripted, both generally are about the battle of Good Vs Evil and both are probably less socially acceptable than a heroin addiction. Both are as addictive though when they are done well.

Just like Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia is done well.

I’ve mentioned in reviews before, some terrible comics come across my desk.

My personal positive review policy means, dear constant reader, that you never hear about them.

Occasionally though I’ll get a book or a series land in my lap that makes me wonder why it isn’t published by one of the mainstream big players. This is is exactly what happened with Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia.

Everything about these books screams quality. Kuehnel & Entin’s script is sharp and funny, with punchy dialogue. It serves the wrestling theme without being beholden to it. Anyone with an interest in Pro Wrestling could pick these up and and enjoy the little Wrestling in jokes. Likewise someone who doesn’t know the difference between a  Hurricanrana and the State Of Montana can still read these and enjoy them. That takes smart writing and these issues have that in droves.

Schkade’s art is just great. The characterization, the little artistic nods to some of wrestling’s more famous faces are things of beauty.

The wrestling scenes in particular are perfect in their study of movement. Schkade’s panels are that dynamic it sometimes feels a little like the image is moving but still manages to retain an efficient minimalist style that probably takes hours to make look so effortless. His use of silhouette and shadow is also great. I can’t wait to see more books from him.

Marrisa Louise’s colors here are just sublime. They really make these characters come alive. The world of Professional Wrestling is flamboyant, bright and colorful. Her palette choice here reflects that,stylishly enhancing the mood of the books. In particular the backgrounds in these issues are beautiful.

Lettering and SFX have been treated with the same high quality standards of the rest of the books and they are all the better for that.

Invasion From the Planet Wrestletopia is produced with as high a quality as you’ll ever see from an Indie book. Combine that with art & writing of the same calibre and you’d need to be as blind as a wrestling referee to not see something in this series to like.



Invasion From Planet Wresltletopia Review

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