Griff Gristle: The Endless Voyage



Published by: Madius Comics  @madiuscomics

Written by: Rob Jones @RobJonesWrites


Mike Sambrook – @Rapiaghi

Art by: Rory Donald – @Imnotdaredevil4


“Griff Gristle continues to be our only protection from the nightmares of the deep and it is becoming ever clearer that the nightmares are rising. Following the explosive ending of The Siren’s Song, Griff and Justine are in way over their heads with seemingly no way out… Their lives and the lives of everyone they know hang in the balance as the Children of the Waves finally look to make their move. Secrets and hidden truths begin to unfurl as Griff, Justine and an old acquaintance Rich look to the dark arts for answers, some of which might have been best left lurking below.

Brace the main sails, strap yourself to the mizzenmast and prepare to join THE ENDLESS VOYAGE.” 


Endless Voyage is the third part so far of the Griff Gristle Saga and Rory Donald’s art has been phenomenal throughout. Every time I think there’s no way that he can be better? His action scenes more dynamic? The scenery more beautifully realised?

It is.

Not a single stroke in Donald’s signature minimalist style is wasted. Again like in the previous issues thick, luxurious use of shadow makes this story deeper and more atmospheric, brooding and where its needs to be damn right creepy.

Even more impressive is the quality of Donald’s colouring, Griff Gristle: The Endless Voyage is absolutely beautiful. In particular the hues of ocean and lighting effects are just gorgeous to look at.


We find out more about Griff’s past and history in this episode than we have in any of the others. While the previous two issues haven’t exactly been a laugh a minute the tone of this one is particularly dark. The book opens with Griff drowning in his grief and loss and it seems a strange way to begin this chapter at first. Sambrook and Jones though handle this heavy subject matter so well that it just works, even in this strange positioning in the story.

The pace rattles on at a fair old rate from there on in and never really lets up, some gloriously written fight scenes and trade mark Sambrones’ monsters.

The lettering is of Jones’s usual high professional standard, the font choice in the Boatman section in particular really accentuates the atmosphere.

Griff Gristle: Endless Voyage has reached the point where the previous two issues have to be read beforehand in order for the story to be appreciated properly. Good! They are excellent comic books.

As beautiful if not more beautiful than it’s predecessors, Endless Voyage brings new mythos and pathos to The Gristleverse wrapped up in an exciting and enjoyable read. God bless Griff Gristle, and all who sail in her. I can’t wait to see where the next port of call takes us






Griff Gristle: The Endless Voyage
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