Fate Review.

Written and drawn by: Anthea West @antheawest

Website: Dustbunny-studios.com

Webcomic link:  HERE

I must confess that before I sat down to read Fate I wasn’t a huge fan of the webcomic format. I am old enough to remember a time when loading a web page took FOREVER. My early experiences with the genre were poor ones, more the fault of the technology of the time than of the art or writing of these early pieces.

There is also just something I hate about sitting down at a desktop to read a comic on a monitor. Technology has of course came on quantum leaps since I first read webcomics – excuse me a second…


…sorry where was I, oh yes technology has moved on. Its now possible to read them on the move on your phone or tablet so perhaps it’s time I gave webcomics another go.

“Native to ‘Dusty Isle’, an island off the coast of Tsew ‘Dustbunnies’ are colourful mammals that appear to have a small connection to magic, suggested by their natural long lives and colour changing abilities.”

Now anthropomorphic balls of fluff would not be my usual go to of choice for an afternoon reading comics. I’m more of a horror, suspense & character driven comics kinda guy. Luckily for me in Fate, Anthea West has given me a comic that does both.

Fate is a deceptively intricate & thought out universe. Despite containing maybe ten characters tops in the full 91 pages that are up at the time of posting,  Anthea West manages to convey the depth and breadth of this universe. I just know there are more races, places and faces to come in the world of Fate and I’m looking forward to meeting and visiting them all. The world building is mostly done in clever notes sections between Chapters to keep the story itself clear of crowbarring essential information in clumsily and this technique works to fantastic effect.

The story itself creeps up on you. You are reading individual pages, thinking not much is happening and then before you know it, you are fully invested in the plot you didn’t even realize was being skillfully drip fed to you with clever writing and dialogue.  I had the advantage of reading all the pages in one sitting while this easily allowed me to get involved. I kind of wish I had been reading these as they were released to heighten some of the drama even more. There is drama too. Bare in mind it is an all ages comic so don’t go in expecting Game of Thrones but you do become invested in the skilfully created characters quickly and you do care about the peril they are placed in from time to time.

The art itself is quaint and beautifully drawn. Some really exciting uses of perspective that I wasn’t expecting to see. Some really creepy monsters too. It doesn’t surprise me Anthea West does horror very well.  Check out my review for her creepy little book Sleep Tight one of the best comics I read last year.

Colouring is really beautiful here too. The palette choice is exceptional in places, especially when she depicts the sea. Guest colorists pop up from time to time and their work is equally impressive and compliments the main color work perfectly.

Anthea West is also a pretty skilled letterer. This comic could have lived or died by the lettering work and I’m very pleased to report that it’s excellent.

Fate is a well written, beautiful, funny story to suit all ages. It has some really dramatic moments that makes you care for it’s characters and makes you want to read more. It’s free to read, but the ability is there to support Anthea’s patreon or tip her via the hosting site, so there nothing to stop you enjoying it right now and rewarding her if you do.

It’s changed my opinion on webcomics and I’m now going to seek out more of the genre to see exactly what I’ve been missing in the days since my dial up modem stopped me enjoying them.

webcomic link: HERE

Fate Review.
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