Dublin City Comics Review

Dublin City Comics

Address: 46 Bolton Street,


103 – 104 Capel Street, Dublin 1

Facebook: Dublin City Comics

Twitter: @DublinCityComic

“Dublin City Comics stock a wide range of Comics, Gunpla, Statues, Action Figures, 1/6 Scale Figures ( New and Secondhand ), Imported Collectibles, Trade Paperbacks and Model Kits.
Star Wars, Transformers, Gundam, POP!, Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, BOOM!, NECA, McFarlane, Hot Toys, Sideshow, Toybiz, Figma, Bandai, Revoltech and loads more !”

Dublin City Comics is a long established name in the Comic scene in Dublin & recently they opened a second store concentrating on their second hand figure market & back issues. I went along check out their new store & also pay another visit to their older store which now concentrates on new release figures & new release comics.


The first time I visited Dublin City Comics was also the first time I’d ever used the Luas, Dublin’s mass transport system. I’d fretted for days about getting lost, ending up on the wrong side of Dublin or not being able to find the store. In the end it was so simple I was mortified at ever being worried. To get to both Dublin City Comics stores all you have to do is get off at Jervis Luas stop and it’s just a ten minute walk. Alternatively it’s just 13 minutes on foot from the Post Office On O’Connell Street bang in the centre of Dublin to either stores.

Both stores are maybe less than two minutes walk apart which I thought was a bit weird, until the guys in the new store explained jokingly “We’re lazy” which is fair enough and it makes it a breeze to visit both stores at the same time. Lot’s of small cafe’s, restaurants & Jervis Shopping centre is only a few minutes away as in Cineworld,  a massive Penny’s store & Smyths Toys store. You could easily put in a day in this area of Dublin.

Atmosphere & Layout:

The Capel street store, the newest of the two is an absolutely beautiful space. Huge shop window allowing tons of light in on the mass of display cabinets jam packed with action figures against the walls.

In the centre of the room is where they keep their back issues, comics series packs & graphic novels. They are stored alphabetically in custom built displays which allow you to flick through issues like you would in a long box. Statues, some key issues & busts are displayed in the window.


The Bolton Street store was always a little claustrophobic and boiling hot. Now that the back issues & second hand figures have moved to the Capel Street store it has allowed for a lot more space particularly near the front door where the back issues used to be located. Great range of new release action figures adorn every available space and new release books are easy to find & browse on wall racks. Still hotter than Satan’s armpits though.


Both Dublin City Comics stores have an eye-popping range of Action Figures & vintage toys. You can’t really take it all in. Your brain tries to focus on something and then all of a sudden you are off trying to look at something else that catches your eye. You’ll read that and go, “na you are exaggerating” I promise you I’m not, check it out for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. I’ve never seen so many action figures in one place in my life.

The Capel Street store has a Great range of recent back issues with a small amount of older stuff mixed in. This was one aspect of the store that irked me. There may have been a ton of silver and bronze age books – my particular Kryptonite, but if there was, I couldn’t find them. Silver & Bronze books impulse buying works differently than impulse buying of modern comics. You may not know what book you want to buy until you see it, due to price, condition etc. I could have gone down the alphabet and checked the full A-Z out but I’d still have been there now searching. I’d have preferred to see these ones still alphabetical, but in a separate section. There were some “key” books on the pillars in the middle of the back issue display but I almost missed them entirely.

I had a chat to the staff about it, and despite this asshole attempting to tell them how to suck eggs they seemed genuinely interested in my opinion, albeit making it clear that Alphabetic was how it was gonna stay. There is a certain amount of truth to the fact that that style of cataloging the books may give you that little bit of a buzz, finding a treasure tucked away in along with the modern issues.


Modern aged back issues are exceptionally well priced at, for the most part 2.50. Packs of comics giving whole mini series & part runs are also really well priced. Key issues are a little on the pricey side given some their conditions. One or two copies that really didn’t warrant anywhere near the prices being asked. That said, it’s a bricks & mortar store with overheads and bills to pay so I understand why this is the case. Had I found an issue I was after it wouldn’t have annoyed me to overpay a little for the experience of buying in store.

Action figures aren’t my area of expertise but the Statues and figures on offer all seemed reasonably priced


Staff in both stores are super friendly, asked if we needed any help & took time to chat to us. You’d be surprised how often that doesn’t happen in comic shops and it always makes for a shitty experience. It happened in the comic store you PASS to get to Dublin City Comics on the day we visited. We left this other store without spending a cent. The Staff of Dublin City Comics made this trip for us, along with the Comic Themed TV series playlist they had playing on that day. There is something about shopping for comic books while the 90’s Spiderman TV show theme blasts out round you. Both stores offered us the warmest of welcomes.

WOW Factor:

Without doubt the WOW Factor in Dublin City Comics is the sheer volume of action figures on offer. From every era. I would challenge you not to find a piece of your childhood in store that instantly made a little voice inside you tell you that you must have it. For me it was an original Castle Grey Skull from He-man and the Masters Of The Universe.

I haven’t seen one in maybe 30 years and the second I laid eyes on it, I was eight years old and it was Christmas day. It was all I could do to drag myself out of the store without blowing my entire budget & having the cart the thing round Dublin for 9 hours.

I’d say that if you are in the centre of Dublin, Dublin City Comics is an absolute must visit. I’d say that if you aren’t – then a trip to Dublin specifically to visit these outstanding stores should be made. Great inventory, great staff and a little piece of your childhood. What’s not to love?




Dublin City Comics Review

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