Death Sentence Liberty Preview

Art by: Martin Simmonds @Martin_Simmonds

Written by: Monty Nero  @Montynero

Available to back on Kickstarter: HERE

“Death Sentence Liberty tells of three characters afflicted by an STD that kills them in six months but gives them superpowers.”


“Verity’s the beating heart of the story. Frustrated and unfulfilled she longs for something more than cheap thrills and empty sex – to be a great artist and achieve something timeless. With no fuck’s left to give she’s a dangerous maverick rallying against an increasingly aggressive government.

Weasel is a rockstar drug-addict desperate to reconcile with his family and record a legendary album before he dies. His G-plus powers are as unreliable as he is, spreading chaos or comedy – which is why Verity dumped him.

Roots is half-woman, half-plant, and 100% badass – an ex drug dealer using her burgeoning G-plus powers to protect her hood from police and gang violence.

Additionally, Jeb is an FBI agent infiltrating the UK’s top-secret G-plus research facility to steal their secrets – a family man in far worse trouble than he realises.


The third arc in the excellent “Death Sentence” series see’s writer and creator Monty Nero team up once again with the artist from the second Death Sentence series “Death Sentence London” –  Martin Simmonds to bring “Death Sentence Liberty” to Kickstarter. Continuing Weasel & Verity’s story of the sexually transmitted G+ Virus that gives you superpowers but kills you in six months that started way back in 2014.

I’m a massive fan of this series. I love these characters so I’m over the moon to see them back in this third installment.

Monty Nero loves to pack an awful lot of stuff into his books. He’s a fantastic writer of action sequences and BIG events in his comics but equally knows when to pull back and tweak your heart strings. He’s written for Marvel, but where he absolutely excels is in the universe he created of superheros who absolutely aren’t superheros.

Martin Simmonds is a jaw droppingly talented artist, one of my favourites in the UK right now. As well as Death Sentence London and cover work for Marvel, Martin has also recently completed the first arc of Punks Not Dead for IDW’s Black Crown label. Martin’s unique painted style sets him apart from his contemporaries and the amount of detail in his work is breathtaking.

The Kickstarter has tons of options ranging from a £3 digital option right up to the £640 “Monty Nero Experience” where you get to spend the weekend with Monty himself.

I went for the £35 Collectors edition purely for this wrap around Martin Simmonds cover. I mean just look at it.

With physical copies starting at just £5 there really are options for everyone.

The great thing about backing the Kickstarter now is as I write this almost two weeks from its ending date it’s already hit it’s goal. Everything from here onwards is heading towards stretch goals. In addition it’s already completed and ready to print so backing it comes with virtually no risk.

I can’t wait to get back into the Death Sentence universe with Death Sentence Liberty #1 and spend some more time with Verity, Weasel, Roots & Jeb.

You can too by clicking the link to the Kickstarter page HERE





Death Sentence Liberty Preview

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