Comic Trips – The best Youtube channel you’ve never heard of?

The roar of an engine. The open road. Your favourite tunes blasting out of you car stereo, the love of your life beside you. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? The roads of America opening up before you. I don’t know about you? That to me sounds as pretty close to heaven as you can get.

Now imagine the reason for all that is you are on the way to hunt for amazing toys from your youth, or a key comic book you hope you find today.

That is the entire premise of Comic Trips.

Simple unadulterated Nirvana for someone with a passion for collecting pop culture items in any form.

Paul & Kat Brown are a newly married couple from New Jersey who spend their leisure time together on the roads of the USA travelling from con to con, store to store recording their adventures as they go as Comic Trips.

Instantly likeable, this Comic Book Bonnie and Clyde – who instead of being on the run from the law are on the hunt for the next action figure have lived out almost their entire relationship on the road and on camera making Comic Trips.

Their first date was to a comic book store and to play some vintage games. These kids are no poseurs. They live and breathe the culture they document in their channels webisodes.

Their excitement at finding a long desired grail comic book is infectious, even through the screen of your tablet as you watch a thousand miles away months after the find took place. Their passion for the subject and each other makes it addictive.

At an episode count of over 70 webisodes to date, the passion or delight you take watching their relationship doesn’t diminish or change in the slightest. This Youtube show is the most compulsive programme I watch in this, the on demand, box set world.

Onscreen, Paul is like something out of comics himself. A huge guy, arms covered in tattoo’s of his beloved Wrestling legends, with the good looks, grace and charm of a old time movie hero about him. He’s someone you want to be friends with. You can just tell he’d take a bullet for you. He’s never in your face with his knowledge, never afraid to say when he doesn’t have an answer and is all the more authoritative on the subject of pop culture because of it.

Petite Kat, has a strength that her size belays and an inner light that shines so brightly It’ll hurt your eyes if you stare at it too long. The master of the withering side-eye, you think she might be just about to destroy someone with a glance when suddenly her beautiful face explodes in the one-armed-bandit-paying-out-its-jackpot smile she deploys at the last second, that gentleman, I guarantee will make you go weak at the knees. She’s not just here as some sort of token female. She knows her stuff. Test her on current comics and I guarantee you’ll go home hurtin’ son.

This show would be interesting with anyone fronting it, but with these two in tandem it just pops. Christ take out the comics and pop culture and I’d still watch it. I’d watch them just talk shit in the car for an hour.

The State of New Jersey should just play videos of Comic Trips on repeat at travel expos. This series shows Jersey and it’s people in the greatest possible light. The interviews with store owners or players in the Jersey geek scene are fantastic to watch. Real people telling real stories with an honesty that in this day in age is really beautiful to behold. I want to get on a plane and visit the stores the people and the places I see on this show tomorrow.

The progression and process of improvement is fun to watch from the early episodes to episode 70 – across a time period a little over two years. It now looks and sounds like a professionally produced TV show with a production team in the double figures.

It isn’t.

It’s produced by the same two people who star in it ( with additional camera work by another star – Jeremy who never speaks but you find your eye searching the screen for at all times he’s just so goddam cool )

The amount of work put into the production is a result of the same thing that makes this show like crack for your eyes.


It’s clear Kat & Paul love their subject, love their show and love each other. This makes for some of the best TV you’ll ever watch.

Comic Trips slogan is “The Best Youtube Channel You’ve Never Heard Of” they are gonna have to change this soon, because now you’ve heard of it… and it’s only a matter of time before everyone else has too.

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Comic Trips – The best Youtube channel you’ve never heard of?

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