Blinker Review


Created by: Rosie Packwood @Pocketm0use

Published by: Madius Comics @Madiuscomics


“Breaking out, sneaking past the guards and stealing a spaceship can be scary – but sometimes all you need is some encouragement from your talkative A.I. friend.

New from the Madius fold, Rosie Packwood – Illustrator of The Incredible Bun – presents an all-ages intergalactic endeavour. Blinker tells the tale of Merrik, a slightly-less-than-ordinary human boy, going on a wild romp across the galaxy. Cheered ever onwards by the chatty robotic mind known as ‘Trixie’ (definitely not Shangelica or Starlight)… how long can these two stay out of trouble?

Join Merrik and Trixie as they fling themselves through the stars in search for a new home.”


One of the greatest tricks, a comic can pull on you, is when you are reading it you can hear a characters voice in your head. It’s a sign of great writing, great dialogue and great characterization. From first glance at Blinker I could hear Trixie’s voice as clear as day as I was reading it. That’s no mean feat for a character that as yet in Blinker remains unseen.

I was already aware of how good a comic artist Rosie Packwood is as I’ve read her work before in the pages of Madius Comics “Paperbacks & Inkstains” Here she not only provides the art but also the story and lettering.  She’s aced all aspects of this fantastically warm and charming all ages space adventure.

I loved this tale of escape and the stealing of a space ship. It’s so simple, doesn’t get bogged down in drowning us in details or trying to crowbar us to death with world building too soon, as a lot of small press, especially small press sci-fi books try to do. I’ve no idea yet why Merrik is escaping other than the fact he is considered a”pet project” but I have a fair idea.  These delicious little gaps have allowed me to fill in the blanks for myself. I might be right, I’ll probably be wrong but Packwood has given me just the right amount of information to serve the story – yet still keep me guessing and more importantly leave me wanting more. What is this “Blink” power that Merrik has and where has it come from? Hopefully these questions and more will be answered in the next installment. I hope that there will be more episodes because this story has legs to run for a long time.

The design element of the art is great. I loved touches like the alien webbed hands and the look of the ships are bang on. I love the use of half-tones, it looks fantastic alongside Packwood’s traditional inks and suits the futuristic setting of the story.

I have to give particular praise to the the lettering.  It’s a really professional job – the differentiating font for Trixie’s voice is usually something that would irritate me in small press but it’s done so well here that it really works. As good as the standard lettering is, the lettering also contains my only complaint for the book. The SFX lettering in places isn’t up to the higher quality of the rest and it might be improved by bringing in a pro for that aspect in future episodes.

In Blinker Packwood proves she is just as talented a writer as she is an artist. I can’t wait to find where else she takes us with this story *BLINK*

Blinker is available to buy HERE on Gumroad for £1.00



Blinker Review
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