Angry Cherry Review

Angry Cherry

Address:  7 Foyle St, Londonderry BT48 6AL

Facebook: Angry Cherry

Twitter:  @Angry_Cherry


Angry Cherry is a Comic Book Store –  that despite being open for five years , I only found out about maybe 2 years ago. Since then I’ve kept meaning to hightail it up to Derry for a look but something has always got in my way. This last bank holiday Monday I finally got a chance to pay a visit to the store that services the Maiden City for all it’s comic needs.


The store is really easy to find. I’ve only been in Derry maybe three times before in my life and I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to track it down. I needn’t have worried. It’s one minute from the Foyle Street Bus station and five minutes walk from the Foyleside Shopping Centre, where I was able to park for over an hour for the princely sum of one pound. Should you want to come via train the store is 16 minutes walk from Londonderry Train Station. I passed maybe three local cafes on the way and Cool Discs music store. Add to this the tons of shops in the shopping centre and you could easily pass a half or full day just in this area of Derry.

Atmosphere & Layout

Some comic book stores I’ve visited have depressed the hell out of me the second I’m through the door. Others, like Angry Cherry I’ve fallen in love with instantly. Whilst not the biggest store I’ve been to, they squeeze a hell of a lot into it while still pulling off the magic trick of it not seeming cluttered or claustrophobic. You might say it seems bigger on the inside… like a certain TV show Police Box they can’t call by it’s actual name for copyright issues that they have right in the corner of the store. How can you not instantly love a store that has its own Tardis! The shop is both atmospheric & bright a really pleasant space to spend some time in.


Angry Cherry has great range of items right across the spectrum of comics & pop culture. Action figures, patches, badges, canvases, wallets & purses, posters, statues, shortboxes pre-printed with comic art, keyrings, pop vinyls etc etc. I could go on all day. Comics wise they have a large rack near the counter with new release & pretty recent release back issues from the big two and the other major publishers. Nice to note there was also a section for small press & indie books where I saw creators like Tara O’Connor, Anthea West & Revolve Comics wares all for sale. For a shop as compact as it is they have a really great Manga section and surprisingly good graphic novel section carrying the first few volumes of the DC & Marvel mainstays as well as Walking Dead, Preacher etc, the sort of Graphic novels any comic book store should be carrying. Their T-shirt range was particularly impressive. I can’t remember seeing as great a selection & pop culture shirts in any comic book store I’ve visited anywhere in the world.



Londonderry it could be argued is pretty far away from most other places in NI that have comic book stores. This you would think would give Angry Cherry free reign to go berserk on prices and really gouge every penny from every comic hungry nerd that passed through their doors. They absolutely don’t. Comics & graphic novels are at the prices you would expect to pay anywhere and that fantastic range of t-shirts I mentioned earlier is exceptionally well priced at £10.99 for most of the ones I looked at. I’ve seen lesser quality shirts go for £20 in other stores. Their statue range has something for everyone. I saw really excellent display pieces for maybe £55 which is a great price point for someone who wants to start a statue collection but can’t make it to the £200 – £250 mark that some of them start at.



This is where Angry Cherry really excelled for me. The staff member on when I visited was called Marty and he is one of the best I’ve encountered anywhere in the world. Comic Stores attract the more socially awkward members of society and I witnessed Marty deal with few examples of this when I was in store. His patience and customer service was impeccable. He didn’t jump on me the second I was through the door, let me have a look round in peace before asking me if there was anything in particular I was looking for. He happily engaged me in conversation and made me feel as if I’d been coming to the store for years instead of just wandering in through the door for the first time. He made me feel like my visit was important and that my custom was valued. These are things comic book stores are sometimes terrible at.

Wow Factor

The wow factor in Angry Cherry remains the warm welcome I received. It has made me want to go back along with my friends and let them see for themselves what a cool store it is. That range of shirts again deserves another mention it really did impress me.

If you are in the North West then without doubt Angry Cherry should be a regular stop for all your comic and pop culture needs. If not it’s definitely worth a day trip to specifically visit the store. I can’t wait to go back.

Angry Cherry Review

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