Amazing Spider-Man #59



Published : April 1st 1968

Written By : Stan Lee

Cover, Pencils, Inks : John Romita

Pencils: Don Heck

Inker: Mike Esposito

Key Issue : First Cover Appearance of Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane has taken a job as a go-go dancer. But Peter soon discovers that the club MJ works for is actually a front for a criminal enterprise, where a man named Dr. Winkler brainwashes his victims!

ASM-59-03 (1)

Spider-Man hurries to the hospital, to visit Aunt May. Once he’s done visiting her he goes to the police station, since he was reported a missing person whilst he had amnesia. At the police station, he claims that Spider-Man kidnapped him whilst he was following him for photos, but let him go after his memory came back. Peter then goes to Captain George Stacy’s house, to talk about Spider-Man. When he gets there, Peter sees Gwen for the first time in ages. They go out to see the rest of their friends, and find out that Mary Jane has a job dancing at a club.


At the club, two men are discussing their plans. They explain that Mary Jane will take pictures of certain people whilst she’s not dancing, and that the hypnotic flash of the camera will make them go to a back room, where they will be brainwashed.

That night, Peter, Gwen and Harry Osborn all go to the club to see Mary Jane dance. There, they meet Captain Stacy, who has been sent an invitation. He gets his picture taken by Mary Jane, then goes into a back room and doesn’t come back. Suspecting something, Peter goes and changes to Spider-Man, and checks out the back room. On the way there, he is attacked by thugs, who try and use Mary Jane as a shield, but Spidey beats them anyway. He goes into the back room, where he sees Captain Stacy about to be brainwashed. He asks who the brainwasher is, to find out it is one of his deadliest foes: Kingpin

Amazing Spider-Man #59
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