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Village of The Folk’d: A Folk’d tale by Laurence Donaghy

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“‘And how am I gonna pass you off as anybody,  State of ye?’ James said, bemused. ‘In the last week I’ve been a journalist,  a plainclothes cop, top Republican, member of M15, and…’ he shrugged, ‘I dunno , crime scene fella, whatever you call them people. What are you gonna pass for? Little Jimmy Osmond, MD?'”

Northern Ireland in 1972 is not the most stable place. But for Tony, just eighteen years old, he has bigger fish to fry than the Troubles; his Ma is in hospital, his Da won’t tell him the truth about how bad it is, and he’s just been sent on his first solo mission – Tony is the latest in the Morrigan lineage, charged with protecting Ireland from malevolent faerie invasion. His destination: Loughcrew, Co. Meath, a sleepy picturebook village.

Unknown to Tony, it harbours an incredible secret that could tear his whole world apart, and shatter forever the delicate balance between the human world, and the Otherworld…

As I have mentioned in  other  reviews for the first two Folk’d trilogy  no other author has the ability to make me laugh out loud as often as Laurence Donaghy, Fair warning it’ll happen to you too, on even the first few pages.

Village of The Folk’d is a novella set in, but not dependent on, the first two books in the Folk’d Universe. If you haven’t read them it doesn’t matter a hoot you’ll still enjoy this (although do, they are fantastic) if you have then you will love it even more.

Set in the 70’s Ireland, Laurence’s talent ensures that the jokes, settings, geography and politics of that era are perfectly described. Supernatural elements mixed with Irish mythology make this a can’t put down read.

Scary, exciting and again, I can’t stress enough, funny.

His real skill lies in observation, especially that of relationships. Father & son dynamics are beautifully played out in this. I recognise types of conversations I’ve had with my own father although not on the same topics.

If you can get through this without googling the term “wab-faerie” then you are better person than me.

If this is your first visit to the Folk’d universe, you are in for a fantastic ride, if not this will give you a glimpse at the back story of the Morrigan family and another little jaunt into the land of the Folk’d.

You’ll be crying out for more at the end I guarantee it.

Village of The Folk’d Review
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