Transfer #1 Review

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Written, lettered & colored by: Matt Garvey @mattgarvey1981

Art by: Eder Messiah

Covers by: Dizevez @Dizevez

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Steve is a courier flying into the United States of the near future to make a drop off… He isn’t delivering a letter or a package though, but transporting another consciousness. Steve is in the leaving your old life behind business for people who need to disappear. Why fake your own death? Go into hiding and leave all your wealth and assets behind when you can actually leave your body behind. This time though the client turns out not to be what they said they were and a lot more dangerous than Steve expected…

Straight out of the blocks this book blew me away. From concept to the finished article it’s as good as a small press/indie book as you’ll find. I’d go so far as to say no other comic from ANY publisher, mainstream or not, in the past 12 months, has impressed me as much as Transfer.

The premise is as cool as they come. Original, exciting and Garvey & Messiah take it and run with it.

The story in Transfer is fast paced. It’s action beats perfectly, placed to get behind the reader and almost shove them in their backs, creating a sense of urgency. This really ramps up the drama, especially on the last few pages where I was scrolling like a maniac trying to find out what was going to happen.

The plot itself with body swapping and gangsters is well thought out and makes for an exciting comic book. Garvey manages to throw in a little twist at the end that you will not see coming, ending on a cliff hanger that immediately makes you yearn for issue #2.

Characters are well fleshed out and I immediately took a shine to the main protagonist Steve, but a dislike to the  other character he’s transporting around.

The dialogue is great in this, completely believable – characters talk how people talk in real life.  The test for this is to read out loud any dialogue in any comic and see how it sounds. Here it’s pitch perfect.

Eder Messiah does a great job with the visuals on this. Transfer is a gorgeous comic. His line work is great and conveys excellent movement and a real dynamic element.


Panel layout and choice isn’t always strictly conventional in this, but again Messiah does a great job and the panel progression is maybe all the better for it’s non conformity. It really helps to convey the story. Look at the panel below of seatbelt fastening, shaped like a seatbelt. Outstanding.


Backgrounds and details are few and far between in the art work but again this simplified form works a treat here. There isn’t a need for a complex background in every panel. When one does rock up though it’s beautifully drawn and stands out all the more.

Coloring & lettering in this are exceptionally good. All the more surprising when you find out that Matt Garvey, in order to keep production costs down, learned to do both jobs for this comic. From scratch. The palette in this is just gorgeous and captures the mood of the story.  Just look at the sky on the very first page.


The cover. Oh the cover. Be still my beating heart. Hands down the best cover I’ve seen from an Indie/small press book. Dizevez’s art reaches out from her page, grabs you by the eyeballs and makes you want to read this book. It’s honestly exceptional. Fluke maybe you think? Couldn’t do it twice? Check out the Forbidden Planet Variant Cover below.  Again absolutely jaw dropping. ” DIZEVEZ” remember the name. It won’t be the last time you see it in comics.

transfer FP Variant

I first came across Garvey’s work two years ago after his Kickstarter for his first book Chunks, failed. He dusted himself off, sent copies to backers anyway and got straight back to work making comics. He pays and respects his artists, his passion shines out of his work and honestly is someone I fully believe is going to become a real name on the British comic scene.

Transfer feels, looks and reads like a mainstream published comic. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Buy it today.

Transfer #1 Review
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