Solstice Chapter 1: Winter





Published by: Revolve Comics

Twitter: @Revolvecomics


Facebook: Revolve Comics

Written by : Danny Mclaughlin @Dannymc66

Art by: Nathan Donnell Nathan Donnell Illustrations

“A fantastical world of mythical grandeur that will take your breath away. Gods, both benevolent and malevolent, interfere with their “Wars Celestial”. In the face of all death, one girl has to live up to her family’s legacy.”

Look, I have to be honest. Fantasy comics are a hard sell.

High concept, lot of information, usually a gazillion characters with similar names, in different areas of a difficult to pronounce place with a lot of ” Ye Olde & Forsooths” thrown in because the writer thinks it makes it sound authentic.

Solstice Chapter 1:  Winter doesn’t do any of that.

It’s a beautiful, simple story of a girl who has been raised  to slay the totem of the ruling god on earth and bring order to the world. It only features about four characters, give or take a god here or there and is really tightly written by Danny Mclaughlin.  I couldn’t point you to one speech bubble or piece of dialogue that doesn’t serve the story perfectly. I was really annoyed when it came to the final page. I want more. Luckily it seems we’ll get more; one based on each season as the next chapter is called Spring. This is a tense little fantasy with soul and a genuine feeling of threat for the main protagonist.

image1 (2)

Nathan Donnell ‘s art has a real passion and frenetic energy to it. Usually my thing is more tight, precise controlled inking but I really liked Nathan’s style. His depiction of The Winter Wolf for example carries a real menace.


I found myself racing through to see what happened and that sense of urgency for a reader is hard to pull off in a comic book.

The color is kept to a bare minimum and sometimes that just works. Winter tones of blue & white carry the story perfectly. When red does turn up, and it does – the effect is brilliant and used expertly here.

I can’t recommend Solstice Chapter 1: Winter enough. It managed to make me prick my ears up and take the time to delve into a genre of comics I’m not overly fond of. Once there it genuinely got it’s claws into me.  Fantastic debut book from Revolve Comics. If you see this one at a ‘Con give it a whirl, if not go to Revolve’s website  and get hold of a copy from there.

Solstice Chapter 1: Winter

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