Sleep Tight Review

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Written & drawn by: Anthea West

“Four eerie and chilling tales of night time intruders

Sometimes It’s best to just stay awake…”

Usually when a comic drops into my inbox I have a fair idea what to expect from it.  Very few surprise me now.  Sleep Tight may as well have jumped out from behind me and shouted “BOO” right in my ear. This is a little gem of a book.

I’m a big horror fan and in the small press scene it’s one of the more catered for genres. Most indies go for the hack and slash approach, firing in buckets of gore with big panels of knobbily intestines hanging out. Not so with Sleep Tight. It goes down the subtly creep you out route and Anthea West does it in style.

First off the art in this is tremendous. Showing a real variance in styles too. Ranging from a standard comic style in “Click” to the final story “Sleep tight” which has a more illustrative style, reminiscent of a fairy tale.If I didn’t know better I’d have said these were by four different artists, each of them exceptionally talented.

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Add to that the fact that Anthea West also wrote this, I think I hate her a little bit. Storytelling in comics is difficult because you are limited to the amount of space you have to string a narrative. West manages to fit 4 fully formed and excellent stories into the amount of room 99 percent of the population would struggle to fit one. The first story “Click” is just 2 pages long.  Yet it’s thought provoking, intelligent and scary all at once.

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The stand out story of Sleep Tight is the genuinely creepy ” The Bed”. I read this late at night,  home alone and really wished I hadn’t. Then a few days later I visited a stately home dating back to the 16th century and REALLY wished I hadn’t. This story will stay with me for the rest of my days and in a short form comic that is pretty spectacular.

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Design is of the highest quality,  the lettering in particular is excellent. It looks hand written ( though I’m sure it isn’t)  and normally that is a big no no for me, not here though it just matches the tone of the book perfectly.

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Sleep Tight is as beautiful a book as it is genuinely creepy and thought provoking. Grab this as soon as you can , but trust me you don’t want to read it late at night…

Sleep Tight is available in both physical and digital copies from

Sleep Tight Review
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