Roko’s Labyrinth Review

roko's labyrinth

Written by: Michael Blackbourn @MikeBlackbourn

Available to buy from HERE

“The world is dying.

And Nick Rose watches from the sidelines.

With an enhanced mind and born to the ruling class – The Board – Nick spends his days hacking AI. Tasked with eradicating the bots created by Roko Kasun, the long-dead architect of the Artificial Intelligence that’s crippling the planet, Nick takes refuge behind his keyboard. He’s no hero.

The Board had been severing ties with the rest of mankind, retreating to safety, unplugging and conceding the fate of the world, or so Nick had thought. Now, a summons from Leadership draws Nick into the very real disaster-zone on a last, desperate mission to save everything, and he’ll need to trust the most unlikely ally of all: Roko himself.

In the machine, evil never dies – fortunately, neither do heroes”

Roko’s Labyrinth is sequel to the best Novella I have ever read “Roko’s Basilisk” my review available HERE

This book doesn’t take place directly after the end of Roko’s Basilisk but skips forward in time to a point where the earth is really feeling the repercussions of the events featured in the first book. It’s stand alone, no need to have read the first one, but I still suggest you do as events & characters are mentioned here and it just makes it all the sweeter an experience.

Michael Blackbourn is a fantastic world builder. His novellas really give you a sense of immersion into the world he has created. Details like vehicles, tech, descriptions of the ‘Claves’ where the human settlements in this exist are excellent.

He’s fond of a twist too. Just when you think you know whats happening in a story he whips the rug out from under you and keeps you guessing.

His character development and descriptions are bang on the money too. The “Hero” in this is a real piece of shit. Blackbourn’s writing still makes you care about him and want to know whats going to happen to him. The star of the show though is Roko himself – back from the dead and just as dangerous. In Roko Blackbourn has created a real villain. A real Frankenstein’s monster.

Despite the plots being nothing alike I compared Roko’s Basilisk to the movie “Alien” a tense fraught little affair, then Roko’s Labyrinth is ” Aliens”. Bigger and better with the action ramped up to ten.

I had worried that the sequel would fall short of the enjoyment I got from the first. I worried for nothing. This takes the baton passed by the first book and sprints off down the track with it.

The series is due to run to at least a trilogy and I cannot wait to see what Mike Blackbourn has in store next for Roko.

Like the first currently available from Amazon for just 99p. Go buy it now and thank me later.

Roko’s Labyrinth Review
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