Paper Cuts And Inkstains #5 Review





Published by: Madius Comics

Written By: Rob Jones @Robjoneswrites

Mike Sambrook @Rapiaghi

Art By: Bob Turner @castlerockcomic

Paul Moore @PMoore121

Mike Smith @Deadcertmike

Like a defending champion Madius Comics are back out for the fifth round of Papercuts and Inkstains. Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. Their opponent is on the ropes and they are just about to land the coup de grace with this, the latest issue of their knockout comics anthology.


First up Immersive Gaming Experience is a great little story about virtual reality that perfectly captures the feel of brand new tech and highlights the pure ecstasy these days that is plugging in a new game and NOT HAVING TO WAIT FOR AN UPDATE. It cleverly plays with the fervor surrounding gamer’s expectations of new releases and the outcry when things aren’t exactly what they want. This story says a lot in a very short time. Jones and Sambrook are becoming masters of condensing observations and compacting them into comic form via smart, rapier sharp writing.


Papercuts & Inkstains newcomer Bob Turner does an ace job on his debut here. The simplistic stylized art really works well with the computer game theme. Really impressive here though is his use of layout. The action moving from panel to panel really invokes a game feel. You can almost hear the music and sound effects in your head as you read it.


Vampire Wonderland 2 is the stand out story in this issue. I stated in a previous review that this Universe that Moore, Jones and Sambrook have created is just crying out to be expanded on. Paul Moore’s art here is just outstanding. Heavy inks, great use of shadow give this a brilliant claustrophobic feel. The monsters are genuinely frightening with their animalistic sense of movement Moore captures perfectly.


Pacing is spot on in this, lulls you into a little false sense of security and you don’t see the twist coming. I found myself racing through it, matching the sense of urgency the main character Sabi has in her attempted escape. I CANNOT wait for more of this, maybe even it’s own separate book.


Profits Of Doom just gets better and better. Every time I think Mike Smith has drawn the best splash page he possibly can I read the next chapter in this Papercuts and Insktains mainstay and he blows me away again. This strip is consistently funny, smart and really should be collected in Madius first TPB. This tale of the worlds worst devil worshippers really is as good if not better than anything else happening in British comics right now.


The lettering in this is just exceptional. Sound fx lettering, especially in Immersive Gaming experience deserves a mention all of it’s own. Little touches like that are what make other small press or indie books slip away from something that could be great, to something that is just o.k.

The cover, oh man that cover. What a job by Bob Turner. It has that innate x-factor that a great cover should have. It makes me want to pick it up right there and then and read the book.  This will fly off the table at conventions.

Consistently Madius Comics have given me more enjoyment than all he books I’ve read in the past year from The Big Two. Papercuts And Inkstains #5 is no different, grab it asap.

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Paper Cuts And Inkstains #5 Review
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