Paper Cuts And Inkstains 01 Review.


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Madius comics

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Digital copy available: HERE

Written by: Rob Jones @Robjoneswrites (with a script assist on “Profits of Doom” by Mike Sambrook @Rapiaghi

Art By:

Nick Gonzo @Nick_Gonzo

Mike Smith @deadcertmike

Kevin Pospisil @Arisetodarkness

Cover By:

DanButcher: @vanguardcomic

This is the highest quality small press comic I’ve come across. Beautifully produced in both the physical and electronic copies. Print Quality, paper quality the lot.  Even the lettering , often an afterthought in Indy comics is great.

Dan Butcher’s cover is just ace. The War Elephant from the first story just leaps into your eyeballs off the page.  It references all the stories and the colour work is fantastic, especially the lighting. It looks like a comic that not only looks at home at your local comic book store, but more importantly one you want to buy.

The interior art is great. Not something you can always say from Indy books. Each artist on the three stories has their own unique style.  Layouts are tight and in the stories “By Eck On Earth” & my favorite from the book “Profits of Doom” aren’t exactly reinventing the wheel. Which is good because the wheel works perfectly and doesn’t need to be reinvented for the sake of it. The first story “No” is a little more adventurous with it’s story flow moving to landscape full scale panels which I actually found myself physically turning my head  to look at instead of turning the page which snapped me out of the story a little but on my third or fourth reading I had gotten used to it and the action battle panels by Nick Gonzo are really well laid out and give a real sense of action

image1 2

All three stories are black and white, whether due to production costs for printing, time constraints or whatever the reason they work beautifully in particular “By Eck On Earth” the gray tones just suit this story. Turns out eye-gore is eye-gore even in black and white.


“Profits of Doom” has a great cartoony feel to it which perfectly suits the really funny script but it contains the best horrifying be-tentacled demon I’ve seen in a long long time. Mike Smith knocks this story out of the park.


Since I started this blog, I’ve checked out a LOT of small press & Indy comics. Some of them have made me cry.  Sadly not in a good way. Everyone and their dog thinks they can write comics. They can’t. Much in the same way that everyone who sits at their PC banging out their mangum opus can’t be Stephen King. Writing is HARD. Writing for comics even more so as you are given a tiny space with which to get a plot established, carry a narrative, include interesting dialogue and tell a goddam’ story.  Small press books more than anywhere else in comics can live or die on their writing.  Rob Jones explodes out of the grave of potential comic death kicking, screaming and dying for the world to know he’s alive. The scripts are tight, not a speech bubble wasted. They are clever and something I think is really important in comics… FUN. they made me laugh, more than once. There is obviously a great relationship with all the artists on this book. No comic writer writes by themselves, comics are a collaboration between the artist and the writer and that is when they work at their best.

Paper Cuts & Inkstains is better than 80 percent of the comic books I’ve read this month.

The digital version is currently £1.00. One Pound. I cannot stress how much value for money this book is.

Paper Cuts And Inkstains 01 Review.
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