Overrun Review



Published by Treemondo

Written by: Andi Ewington @AndiEwington and Matt Woodley @Mwoodley

Art by : Paul Green @madmonkeyworks

Lettered by: Troy Peteri @troypeteri

Website: www.weareoverrun.com

“The city is at a breaking point. Living space is running out. Those in power are forced to execute a desperate measure – introduce a poison to wipe out a huge part of the population.

This is no ordinary city, however. Overrun takes the reader into the heart of their own computer. Citizens are files. There are .xls business people, sexy spams and hip musician .mp4s. The space which is running out is memory – the poison a computer virus.

Political intrigue and epic action scenes take place inside this lovingly crafted world as we follow a group of friends, forgotten computer game heroes, as they fight their way through the virus infection which is transforming their fellow citizens into memory sucking zombies.”

Firstly this is the first time I have reviewed a comic that was not instantly available for you to buy. I only blog about books I love and therefore if I love it I want you to instantly, or as damn near instantly as possible, be able to get your hands on it and love it as much as I do. I broke my own rule here for a very good reason…

Overrun is an absolute, solid gold delight. It’s finished and very nearly at the point where you can get your grubby paws on it, so forgive me on this occasion for dangling the carrot in front you , you beautiful donkey.

So a world that exists inside your computer then. I know what you are thinking. I can see it in your mind… ” So Tron Then?” That couldn’t be further from the truth. Ewington , Woodley & Green have created their entirely own universe beyond the basic concept of a world inside your computer… and what a world. Living, breathing, and above all else believable. I One Hundred percent bought into the Overrun universe. I’m not entirely sure if I opened my computer that I wouldn’t see these characters right in front of my very eyes. This is partly due to Ewington & Woodley’s fine writing, more of that later. Right now I want to talk about Paul Green’s art.

Overrun is absolutely beautiful. I mean fruit machine paying out the jackpot beautiful.  I see some horrendous comics that are submitted to me for review and they never see the light of day on here. I want to take Paul Green’s work and rub it into the eyes of these people who produce terrible, terrible comics. Overrun is good enough to be produced by any of the mainstream comic houses, never mind an indie. Line art is top notch but the coloring and in particular lighting effects are where this really shines. Character design. Man oh man it’s just ace.  Paul Green can REALLY draw an attractive female character & fantastic vehicle work too.


There are also some really beautiful backgrounds. This wasn’t rushed. The attention to detail on simple things like wood grains, brickwork, books in a library… things that really bring depth and life to what you are reading. Panel layout makes for as smooth a transition for your eyes as can be.

Have to give a special mention to the Lettering here. Troy Peteri has knocked this out of the park. So many small press books either give lettering no thought at all or scrimp on it. A professional look to lettering makes such a difference. In particular here the Visual FX  lettering work is phenomenally good.


The script is tight, dialogue is funny when it’s called on to be and the story moves along at breakneck speed. Again as mentioned before the world building that has gone on here has created a comic universe with endless possibilities. This could run for years and years. Ewington & Woodley have taken the concept and have run with it. Each computer file type having its own distinct look for example. This is a stroke of genius.

FullSizeRender 2

Choc full of clever references to the world of computers, computer games and pop culture. Every time I’ve read it I’ve come across something else I hadn’t noticed before with a little “oooh that’s clever” I’m not going to spoil them here but a certain bartender for example made me smile from ear to ear. See how many you can spot. I’m sure there are a ton I’ve missed. The writing is that smart.

In short Overrun is a fantastic concept that has been handled exquisitely in every way. Top notch writing matched by beautiful, beautiful artwork. This is a prime example what comics, when they are done well, can achieve.

Overrun Review
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