Nom: The Demon Eater Review

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Written, created & art by: Paul Tonner @HeavyVoodoo

Nom is a wandering warrior with a taste for demon flesh. A C**t of few words, who thinks pretty much every problem can be solved with liberal doses of extreme violence.”

Nom: The Demon Eater is a comic about Nom, who kills and eats demons. That’s it. No airs & graces, not even much more of a plot, but it has a charm all of it’s own.

Don’t come into this expecting War & Peace because you aren’t getting it. Nom has maybe the scantest plot I’ve ever come across reading comics. Even so I still really enjoyed it.

Tonner clearly relished the chopping , slicing and gore in this. You can just tell from the art that he enjoyed making this and that transfers to the reader.

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Some really funny moments and some of the set pieces really shone, especially the scene with Nom reflecting in his sword.

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I would love to see what Paul Tonner could do with a more detailed and nuanced script. Panel progression could do with a polish and over all it feels too short with a lot of splash images. That said for a first time comic this has a lot going for it.

I was left wanting to know more about Nom, I mean who doesn’t love an origin story? Plenty of room for maneuver and expansion on this basic premise, beef up the script and I’d love to take another stroll in Nom’s world.

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Nom: The Demon Eater Review

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