Ness #1 Review

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Written by : Chris Welsh @C_W_Writes

Art by : Rob Carey @mansloth

Coloring : Dee Cunniffe @deezoid

Letters : Robin Jones @robjoneswrites

“Ceit is on a trip to Loch Ness to scatter the ashes of her late mother.

She arrives the morning after an old man meets his grisly fate on the shore, killed by a nightmarish beast.

He was the final member of a local cult dedicated to keeping the ghastly  creatures in check, with him and his kind now gone, the things that lurk in the dark water and hide in the surrounding hills are free to run riot…”

Picture in your head what the Loch Ness Monster looks like. Done that?  You’ve pictured the big water brontosaurus shaped thing you see in blurry “photographs” of Nessie haven’t you?  That image of The Loch Ness monster always seems friendly almost,  “Aww look at the big floating dinosaur”…What if Nessie does exist? What if it is a hideous creature that outstrips even your worst nightmare.  What If it’s not alone…

This is the fantastic concept presented to us in Ness. A really original and intelligent plot that is unlike any comic I can currently put my finger on.  The thing that makes this book as good as it is, is the fact that every single contributor has brought his A game.

Robin Jones lettering for example. I’m well used now to Jones’ work from his stuff with one of the premier producers of Indie books in the UK at the moment, Madius Comics.  He’s taken off his writing hat here and is working his magic with the lettering.  It’s gotten to the point now that I can recognize his style. Consistently excellent, this is no exception. No one ever notices good lettering, only bad. You won’t notice Rob Jones work.

The art…Where do I start? It’s awesome. See the first part of that word? AWE? That’s how I looked at some of Rob Carey’s panels. Background details, foreground details, a ceiling that must have been a real pain in the arse to draw in different panels. Every time I re-read this, and it was more than a few, I found something else in Carey’s panels. His monster is just great.  All maws and tentacles. I  have a feeling in the future issues we are going to see more and more beastie design. Hurrah I say.

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The only thing I liked more about this than Rob Carey’s art? Dee Cunniffe’s colors. Just look at this page below :

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If Ness had been a black and white book,  this page would still have been beautifully drawn. The way that Cunniffe accentuates the trees & the sky is just jaw dropping, He makes the Loch itself a character. Outstanding work.

Chris Welsh does a great job on the script too. He avoids the monster book trap which is essentially every single one feels like an episode of Scooby – Doo. It’s smart, the dialogue is pacy and above all else it’s believable. You care about the characters and what happens to them. His design work is top notch too. I can’t wait for issue #2

If I was to take the front cover of Ness ( which is excellent too by the way, second I saw it I backed the kickstarter ) and stuck an IMAGE logo on the front of it you’d be none the wiser. This book could easily sit among it’s current output and not look out of place.

Ness is available from Melksham Comic Con , The Lakes Sequential Arts Festival and Thoughtbubble and will also be available to buy online once all Kickstarter backers have received their copies.

Ness #1 Review

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