Morgan’s Organs #1 Review

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Written by : Daniel Brodie @morgsorgs_comic

Art by: Robert Jennex

Available to buy in digital & physical copies from:

“Morgan’s Organs follows university student Morgan as he navigates growing up, while the operators of his internal organs learn to work together to help him tackle all aspects of life.

The comic transitions back-and-forth between Morgan’s world and the world that exists within his body. On the exterior, Morgan is your average college student learning to make sense of the world.

Zoom in to his body and we see why life is so difficult for him. His body is host to a variety of characters, each with their own desires and their own flaws. One thing is guaranteed – it’s no wonder Morgan is so unsure of what he wants when his body parts can barely work together.”

The concept of little people living inside your body controlling your decisions isn’t a new one to me. The UK Comic the Beezer had a strip with a similar concept dating back to 1962 called the”Numbskulls” and it was one of my favourites growing up in the 1980’s. We all have internal conflicts going on all the time inside us and it’s fun to think that there might be people in there controlling things.

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Daniel Brodie does a great job with this concept, taking it to far more adult themes than the Beezer ever would. Think of an adult version of Disney’s Inside Out.  Brodie makes us cheer for a guy who basically just wants to get laid. I found myself invested in whether or not Morgan manages to break his dry spell (not telling you if he does or not, read it and find out) The main thing this book really has going for it is the fact it’s laugh out loud funny in places. It’s also intelligently written and brings out real nostalgia & more than a little embarrassment for those of us who have ever experienced unrequited attraction to a member of the opposite sex. While it deals with adult themes it never crosses the line into being offensive or shocking for the sake of it.

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Jennex does a great job with the character design of the “Organuts” living inside Morgan’s body.  Pepe the penis in particular is a great piece of design – again managing to stay away from offence perfectly but Lou the lungs, Meats the stomach etc are all equally well designed characters.  Robert Jennex pulls off a light, fun cartoon style to match the light-hearted nature of the script and also does a bang on job on the coloring here which again suits the tone perfectly.


After a successful Kickstarter, Morgan’s Organs is available to buy from the website  in physical copy priced at $4.50 or digitally from $3.00  at these prices for 40 plus pages it’s more than worth your time and your money.

Morgan’s Organs #1 Review
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