Monster Motors: The Collected Edition Review


Written by Brian Lynch  @brianlynch

Art by Nick Roche @NickRoche

Colours by Len O’Grady @lenogrady

Published by IDW

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Not often a comic comes along that I read with no information on it before hand.
I hadn’t seen a single review, or panel from Monster Motors when I saw it, but for some reason I was instantly drawn to it. Might have been Nick Roche’s fantastic cover artwork that caught my eye, but at the same time I had been looking at Comixology and wanting to try it out so I decided to give Monster Motors a spin on that, and boy was I glad I did.

Since that time I’ve bought the Monster Motors One Shot both digital & physical copies, The SDCC Variant Edition, The Curse of MiniVan Helsing issues 1 & 2 both digital & physical copies and the Monster Motors collected edition trade & digital version.image If and they hope they do ever release an Artists Edition I’ll buy that too. This is a fantastic comic book series.

The Story:

Monster Motors One Shot:

Top of his class at Ingolstadt School for Automotive Repair, Vic Frankenstein sets out for Transylvania Kentucky. The reason? Vic has bought a mysterious junkyard that was for sale online…with the one condition that whoever buys it never takes down the massive fence that surrounds itimage.
So Vic opens up a repair business alongside his sidekick, a robot he created when dared to by his fellow Ingolstadt classmate Moreau to make someone to him. Vic creates himself iGOR “Interactive Garage Robot.
So Vic and Igor lovingly repair the towns’ cars…but something stirs in the Junkyard.
Vic wakes to find all the cars the lovingly repaired have been destroyed and drained of fuel.
But something is stealing way more than fuel from these cars…

imageThe Evil “CADILLACULA”
Who attacks Vic & Igor and destroys their Truck, draining the life force it needs from it to fly, and he escapes the Junkyard.

Vic goes to pieces and vows never to go near another car again.

Vic then finds out that all the cars in town have been plagued by Cadillacula, and feels it’s his fault and vows to build a monster to fight a monster. He uses the shell of his destroyed truck and other pieces from Cadillacula’s victims and creates…




Monster Motors – The Curse Of MiniVan Helsing:

The Curse of MiniVan Helsing starts with the hilarious Origin story of the title character, a magical ceremony gone awry.

Then takes us straight back to where we left our heroes at the end of the original one shot, with the arrival of April Van Helsing, her father MiniVan & the other Monster Motors under his control: Lagoon Buggy & Wheel Wolf. They have come to take Victor into custody for creating another Monster, even if it was to fight the evil Cadillacula.

Frankenride comes to his masters aid and battles the other Monsters, their arrival having damaged the outer wall of the Junk yard that was protected with curses and protection spells.

Disaster unfolds when lightning strikes the rods Victor used to bring Frankenride to life, and this time without anything to channel the power it gets redirected into the Junkyard…

Creating dozens new Monster Motors. Victor has unwittingly unleashed the ZOOMBIES.

Monster Motor’s is paced perfectly, not lagging at all throughout the entire book. I find myself racing through it after even multiple readings dying to get to the next panel, anticipating the next gag Because It’s funny. I mean laugh out loud funny. I can’t envisage anyone reading this without smiling at least once. Out and out gags, puns it’s got the lot. Brian Lynch has done a fantastic job with the plot of Monster Motors. If you are a horror fan you will come across so many puns and references to the genre you will be grinning from ear to ear “MiniVan Helsing” is still one of my personal favourites and still makes me smirk every time.

It has its drama too though, you care about these characters, especially the loveable Igor . I’d also recommend giving Brian Lynch a follow on twitter too one of the funniest guys on my feed.

Best bit about the plot of Monster Motors. It’s perfect for absolutely every age group. Anyone from eight to eighty will get a real kick out of it and it’s not often a comic comes along with enough about it to appeal to everyone. I’ve shared it with younger members of my family who loved it. My sixty six year old father who has never read a comic book in his life laughed like a loon asked if I had any more.


Nick Roche does a phenomenal job on this book. His characters are drawn in just the image1perfect cartoony style for the story. That’s not to say they aren’t detailed. Some of the backgrounds and intricate work on the characters themselves have to be seen to be believed. Character design here is among some of the best I’ve seen. The detail in the concept of iGOR especially is off the chart. He’s made out of components on electronics, as if he had been created of left over junk. He’s one of the most memorable and loveable characters I’ve come across in comics for years.

The Zoombies are another example. The Spider-Copter is a fantastic character design, seriously creepy and an upside down helicopter does look EXACTLY like a spider. The Zoombie Scooter oozes character and the most evil zombie computer you’ll ever meet, who doesn’t speak but conveys menace on his screen thanks to Nick Roche’s amazing detailing steals the second book.


Len O’Grady colours in Monster Motors as with the pencils taking the perfect mix of cartoon and extensive colour detail. Where the colours REALLY pop are on the digital version on Comixology my eyes fell in love with his work on my iPAD really, really top class stuff.

Presentation & Layout:

Tom. B Long’s lettering is bang on not lifting you out of the story for a moment. The Comixology version of Monster Motors is especially impressive. The way the app moves from frame to frame gives this book a cinematic feel, which isn’t surprising as it’s crying out to be made into a movie, and hopefully one day will do. As mentioned the colours in the digital version are really beautiful.

Included with the beautifully curated Collected Edition TPB & Digital version are all the covers, including the SDCC variant by Dan Schoeing & Luis Antonio Delgado, Character profiles including Nick Roche’s original sketches, beautiful pin-up art by Daryl Shaw & Dee Cunliffe and most importantly another entirely new epilogue story featuring the fearsome WITCHCRAFT CARRIER that’s only available in the collected edition.

In short Monster Motors is one of my favourite comic book series of all time. Yes. ALL TIME.

If you are looking for a funny book, with a great plot and amazing visuals Monster Motors Collected Edition is the book for you. If you want to introduce someone to the world of comics of ANY age this is the book to do it with.

Monster Motors: The Collected Edition Review

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