Midnight Man – Bullet Time Review

midnightman cover

Written by: Mo Ali @Mo_Ali

Art by: Andy Bloor @andybloor

Available to buy from: Bigcartel.com

“Falling from Big Ben whilst being chased by a possessed horse from the American Civil War, the time-travelling vigilante Midnight Man has had stranger days.

Can he foil the plans of a malevolent time-spanning cabal, and save humanity in the process?

He might be out of luck, he’s possibly out of time, and he’s definitely out of his mind.

Get ready for some TEMPORAL. BULLET. ACTION!

Courtesy of MIDNIGHT MAN. (You’re welcome)”

Midnight Man has one of the best opening scenes of any comic I’ve read in years. A masked man diving, pistol raised, through the clock face of Big Ben? Let’s you know right away that this isn’t going to be an introverted affair studying the love life of a group of thirty somethings. It screams action right in your face, which is just peachy with me.


Midnight Man has a real cinematic feel to it, I could almost hear dramatic music in my head reading the panels.

Mo Ali’s script is dramatic. It’s written with a real flair for dialogue. Maybe most importantly it’s laugh out loud funny in places, with some great quips and one liners. Pace is perfect. This story rockets along. Some of the time travel locations are great – in particular one which ends up with Midnight Man on the steps of Number 10 that I don’t want to spoil.

The Chronosazi are great villains and the one here is fleshed out with a real sense of quiet, creepy menace.

Andy Bloor’s art in this is ace. The character design of Midnight Man himself is nothing short of excellent. As mentioned before right from the opening scene I want to know more about him and that is down to Bloor’s striking visuals.

Heavy use of black inks and shadows make this a striking book to read, I don’t think I want colours here – this suits the tone of the story perfectly.


The backgrounds in this are glorious. I re-read several times just to look at some of the fantastic detail in the panels. Speaking of the panels some excellent layout here , especially in the time travel sequencing – again with the cinematic feeling this evokes I could almost hear the sound effects in my head between scenes.

The cover is an excellent choice. It immediately grabs the eye, makes you want to open the cover and see what’s inside. In short, exactly what a cover should do.

Midnight Man is an exciting, beautifully crafted book. It’s design and execution have me wanting to spend some more time in the world that Mo Ali & Andy Bloor have created. I for one can’t wait for Midnight Man to return…


Midnight Man – Bullet Time Review
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