Limited Wish Review


Written by: Mark Lawrence @Mark__Lawrence


Published by: 47 North

“One choice. Two possible timelines. And a world hanging in the balance.

It’s the summer of 1986 and reluctant prodigy Nick Hayes is a student at Cambridge University, working with world-renowned mathematician Professor Halligan. He just wants to be a regular student, but regular isn’t really an option for a boy-genius cancer survivor who’s already dabbled in time travel.

When he crosses paths with a mysterious yet curiously familiar girl, Nick discovers that creases have appeared in the fabric of time, and that he is at the centre of the disruption. Only Nick can resolve this time paradox before the damage becomes catastrophic for both him and the future of the world. Time is running out—literally.

Wrapped up with him in this potentially apocalyptic scenario are his ex-girlfriend, Mia, and fellow student Helen. Facing the world-ending chaos of a split in time, Nick must act fast and make the choice of a lifetime—or lifetimes.

Game on.”

Limited Wish is the second part of the “Impossible Times Trilogy” that Mark Lawrence began with the excellent “One Word Kill” – my review for part one can be found HERE 

Lawrence does a fantastic thing that I’ve never really seen another author do; at the start of a continuing book in a series he gives a recap that covers the story so far in a little aide-memoire. Even with this welcome addition I strongly suggest you check out One Word Kill before tackling Limited Wish, you’ll get a lot more out of both books this way.

Listen Mark Lawrence the game’s up. I’m on to you.

Obviously you have invented time travel because I believe every single word of Limited Wish.

While at the same moment understanding very little of it.

Lawrence has this fantastic skill of making high concept mathematics and physics seem at the time that you read it, understandable. Not just understandable…but… beautiful?

He manages to make maths in Limited Wish seem like a mythical, magnificent creature that exists just on the borders of my perception. He makes it seem like rock ‘n’ roll. To be quite honest; and these are words I’d never thought I ever see myself type, he makes maths seem SEXY. Do I understand any of it now I’ve finished the book? Do I my great Aunt Fanny. But it doesn’t matter. His amazing talent as a writer makes you think you do at the time and that’s all that matters.

The plot of Limited Wish is a lot more convoluted than One Word Kill. With statistical outliers, paradoxes and parallel timelines up the kazoo. Don’t let this put you off because like a master juggler Lawrence keeps all these plot balls in the air and then he throws an apple of a love story into the mix, taking a bite out of it without missing a beat. Then he adds a flaming chainsaw by doing it twice. Maybe not too surprising from an author, who much to his own shock topped the Romance category on Amazon recently. The main character Nick has two concurrent love stories in Limited Wish and you root for both at the same time.

Not surprisingly with all this romance going on, especially as he’s terrible at it, Limited Wish concentrates a lot more on Nick. The other characters take more of back seat this time round but this is no bad thing. The unexpected appearance of a character we are lead to believe is gone forever, during a scene in a hospital, almost brought me to tears I was so glad to see him. Again as in One Word Kill, Lawrence’s grasp of describing friendship is just phenomenal.

Look Limited Wish has it all. Two love stories, family reunions ( sort of ) an evil shit of a villain in Rust. There’s a heist story in here, as well as what I can only describe as the greatest Punt chase in literary history for an opener. The ending has you desperately trying to choose what way you want it to go. Right up until the final words when you realise all along there was never really any doubt of what you wanted.

If you haven’t read it yet get One World Kill, then get Limited Wish. The third part Dispel Illusion is due to be published in December 2019, but I’ve already read it.

Mark Lawrence lent me his time machine…

One Word Kill is available on Kindle HERE

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Limited Wish is available on Kindle HERE

Limited wish is available in paperback HERE

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Limited Wish Review

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