HYPE Review.


pf-logoPublished by: Paperfilms @paperfilms1

Written by: Justin Gray @JVGray


Jimmy Palmiotti @jpalmiotti

Art by : Javier Pina

Colors by : Alessia Nocera

“Noah Haller is HYPE, a last resort secret weapon for the United States Military, a man who can only be awake for a single hour on any given day. The genetic and medical enhancements that give him his superhuman abilities force him to undergo complete cellular regeneration – like being rebuilt or reborn every 23 hours. Hype is a wonderfully flawed character. His massive intellect lacks experience, context and nuance. He is initially like a computer full of information and capable of solving complex problems, but lacking in emotion and abstract thought to solve small ones. 

Hype responds to sensory aspects of his environment with indifference. He has attention to detail but misses the “big picture” and social cues. Being awake only one hour a day leaves very little time to cultivate an emotional relationship with anyone including his handlers. That changes when he meets Amanda Marr, a brilliant scientist and psychologist hired to help Hype find a balance between being super and being human.Unfortunately for Hype and Amanda, his training is cut short when a shadowy terrorist group is poised to unleash a deadly pathogen that threatens to destabilize the world governments.”

HYPE is maybe the fifth Kickstarter I’ve directly backed from Paperfilms, and I think the ninth that I’ve bought and like all of their output it’s simply excellent.

What appears to be a simple hero tale at first glance at the blurb, belays the true heart of this story. More Sci-Fi than superhero and above all else Hype is a touching love story. Gray & Palmiotti genuinely convey first love in a beautiful and thought provoking manner I really wasn’t expecting, and makes this a finer comic book as a result.

The main character Noah is a Frankenstein’s monster for the Super-Hero age, despite his awesome powers he is almost childlike in the way he processes information. Having all the power imaginable, but only one hour a day to find out where you fit in the world as well as being used as a loaded gun to be pointed at enemies on the whim of your creators.

Javier Pina’s art is a triumph in this book. It’s just gorgeous to look at. The panel choices and layouts, especially in the action scenes are bang on the money. Then the scenes showing the love story slow the pace right down and give that aspect of the story even more impact. The sense of movement created in the scenes showcasing Noah’s powers is fantastic.

action scene

Nocera’s colors are also just excellent – take a look at the palette used in the explosion scene above and then at the image showing the characters relationship below, each matches the tone perfectly. just look at that sky and field of sunflowers!


Amanda Conner never disappoints and her cover for this book is no exception. From the second I laid eyes on it during the Kickstarter campaign I knew I wanted to back it.

At the time of writing this the physical books are just being dispatched to Kickstarter backers.  My only option living in the UK with Paperfilm’s projects are digital due to extortionate shipping costs beyond their control. I bust poor Jimmy Palmiotti’s balls every time a new project is launched because the quality of their output is SO good I want to own their books physically too, he always graciously responds to my moaning like a gentleman and like I say completely out of their hands.

HYPE is currently unavailable from Paperfilm’s store as I mentioned above backers still receiving physical copies but I imagine that’ll change shortly. In the mean time here is the link to their store http://paperfilms.com/shop/ if you live in the USA buy any of their physical books which generally come signed and you are in for a treat.  If not buy any of their digital books at prices that are well worth the quality of the content.

HYPE is a smart, exciting sci-fi story with a true heart of gold. I for one can’t wait for more.

HYPE Review.
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