13 Coins Review

13 Coins


Man did not start the war between good and evil…but he was the cause.
Following his creation of man, God selected a number of his most precious angels to keep vigil over the earth.

They were know as the watchers. His most elite warriors. The greatest fighters heaven and earth had ever seen.

But some watchers grew jealous of God’s repeated forgiveness of mans sins
Led by the one named Semyaza, the envious angels rebelled against god.
But the angels faithful to God defeated Semyaza, and those who refused obedience.
God commanded the fallen angels to be cast out of heaven.

Semyaza was bound and imprisoned not to be freed until the Day Of Judgement.
Demons that survived the bloody battle were banished to hell…
However, Thirteen of the demons escaped capture and fled to earth,
Taking with them a section of bloodstained chain that bound their leader.
But their rebellion had not been unexpected…long before the great war for heaven, a seer angel had prophesised the fallen leader’s betrayal…and his downfall..

It was also foretold that one day a man would come – a first born of true blood parents-who would hold the chain that once bound the leader of the fallen and allow evil to be reborn.
It is written that when it happens the fallen will wage war on the throne of God once more…
…And will use God’s greatest creation against him.

Knowing the prophecy, the fallen hi d the chain by smelting it into 13 coins.
One coin for each of the fallen leaders on earth.
Each coin cursed by the blood of Semyaza, that has tortured man throughout the centuries.
The impact of thirteen coins has echoed throughout time, with uncontrollable atrocities and horrors in their wake.
The Fallen watched man crumble with widespread famine, greed and violence…

… As they searched for the first-born that had been prophesied to tip the war in their favour.

So begins the plot of honestly one of the most jaw dropping  1st issues of a comic I have ever read in my life. This comic book blew me away.

I was drawn to it originally by Simon Bisley’s exquisite artwork in some of the previews I’ve seen, and I was right to be this comic is nothing short of beautiful

I’m going to take a look at a few of the components individually



Written by Martin Brennan & Michael B Jackson both of whom are completely unknown to me, this is the first time I’ve encountered their work.

The essence of the plot of Fallen Angels is nothing new but the depth of story already in issue 1 is quite staggering. Setting up of the struggle between The Fallen & The S.O.N ( Sons of Noah) descendants of A Warrior Angel & human’s woman’s child, Noah who have been given the duty of protecting man from the Fallen is handled really well absolutely without cliché

The Stronger the bloodline the more powerful the warrior, so descendants married only those whose bloodlines on both sides went back to Noah, and they are true bloods. They spread throughout the earth to every nature, religion and culture. Some are unaware of their Watcher ancestry , but their physical and athletic gifts make them exceptional in battle or sport. The Council searches out people who have the Watcher gene but don’t know it and are offered to join in the fight against the fallen, who offer wealth, sex and fame.


Former NBA prospect John Pozner got caught with drugs after a robbery gone wrong  and went to prison, since his release he’s been  working in a slaughterhouse, all that his status as an ex-con will allow & living with Brandi The woman he loves.  He’s having what he thinks might be hallucinations caused by him losing his mind. In prison an inmate had taught him meditation to help control the devastating nightmares that came to him every night since he was 13, but now they are back. John is the one first born true-blood on earth and can The S.O.N. Stop the fallen finding out about him.


Gwen Williams and her brother David are agents of The S.O.N.  are investigating an attack on a US Senator at a Hotel. Gwen has the ability, thanks to her Watcher heritage to hear things that have happened in the recent past and is able to tell the attack was at the hands of The Fallen.  Just as she makes this discovery they are attacked and have to flee in a fantastic  chase sequence which ends in tragedy and one of them  is seriously injured. At this stage the style mysterious Larue & Samuel two other agents of The S.O.N arrive and rescue her, Larue using powers to heal her. The realise that the tide is turning against them and they make the decision that it is time to bring “him” in.

As exciting as this first issues plot is, a lot of it isn’t at first apparent from the issue itself. I think this has been done deliberately. It moves along at breakneck pace and doesn’t really let up.

If you download the App and scan the back page of the comic itself you got a lot of extra content and to be honest this aspect is fantastic. Other bonus material includes a digital copy of the 1st issue which has the most amazing 3D cover, one of the best uses of digital comics I have ever seen. Character bios, plot background and a fantastic 3D rendering of one of the most impressive scenes in the comic the initial war between the Watchers & The Fallen.

Does this make 13 coins and easy first issue to get to grips with plot wise, no . However the additional digital content on the App is absolutely brilliant and well worth the effort to go to. I can’t remember the last time a comic book’s plot grabbed me by the balls like this and made me NEED to know more straight from the first read.


Simon Bisley is absolutely at the top of his game here. No I mean it. This is some of his best work. The prologue especially is unbelievable.

                         image          image                  The battle between the Watchers & The Fallen had me gawping at the pages in disbelief.  Bisley’s style and attention to detail really shine in this book. The cover is also drop dead gorgeous. The 3D version on the App I mentioned earlier really has to be seen to be believed.


The Digital colours by Ryan Brown equal the quality of Bisley’s pencils . The life like skin tones and blood and gore of that initial battle I keep mentioning absolutely jump off the page thanks to Brown’s outstanding job on this book. I kept going back to look at it. It’s beautiful. Honestly I mean it. absolutely beautiful.

Presentation & Layout:

The whole book looks fantastic, from the lettering to the print quality. I honestly could not find a fault with the whole presentation. I wish every comic on the market today was of this exquisite standard.

In short, I loved this book. From start to finish. Absolutely every aspect. The digital features afforded by the App only go to improve and add on to an already top class product.

Go out now, and try and get your hands on the print issue, if you can’t get it downloaded I promise you , you will not regret this 13 Coins is a sure fire hit.

13 Coins Review

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