Griff Gristle : The Siren’s Song Review

Published by: Madius Comics


Written by: Rob Jones – @RobJonesWrites


Mike Sambrook – @Rapiaghi


Art by: Rory Donald – @Imnotdaredevil4

“Griff Gristle is our only protection from the nightmares of the deep and it seems as though the nightmares are rising. Griff, vulnerable after the recent loss of his wife and in unchartered territory with a newly found acquaintance, is trying to unravel the increasing intensity of unexplained maritime occurrences in the area. Missing boats, unsettled spirits, underwater churches and impromptu exorcisms were just the tip of the iceberg and you won’t believe what’s coming next. After putting an end to the occurrences in Charlsberg, Griff and Justine have followed a lead to a cruise ship that is carrying some unauthorised and highly concerning cargo. Buckle your seatbelts for rough waters, it’s time to hear THE SIREN’S SONG!”


One of my favorite books from last year was Griff Gristle: Here Be Monsters ( Check out my review HERE ) Madius Comics had came up with one of the most original premise for a story I’ve ever seen. I’ve eagerly awaited the sequel more than any other comic in the last twelve months. Could they hook another triumph after already landing a whale in the form of the first issue? Can I squeeze in any more of these sea faring analogies? CAST your eyes on the rest of the review to find out.

First off Rory Donald Blows this out of the water ( last one I promise) I really didn’t know if he could do as good a job on this second issue as he did in the first. I wasn’t sure that he could replicate the style and the feel of the first book. He hasn’t replicated it as well, he hasn’t done as good a job as he did with the first. He’s by far exceeded it.

Look at the above panels. They are just establishing shots early on in the book. Look at the detail in the crowd the, angle of the stage in the first panel sweeping your eye along. It’s absolutely beautiful stuff. As I said they are just small establishing panels… just look at this splash page

Wow. Just look at that again. I’ll wait on you.

His coloring if anything has also improved. He never uses too much. Just what’s right. The feel and the colour temperature is always bang on the money for the scene and the feel of the whole book.

The final page is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in an Indie comic.

Plot wise the story carries on right from the end of Griff Gristle: Here Be Monsters. It’s a totally stand alone story so you don’t have to have read the first which is a great move by Sambrook & Jones so as not to put off new readers to the Gristle-Verse.

It’s fun, it holds your attention. The plot device at the beginning of having the rock concert at sea is a stroke of genius.

There’s a really poignant scene featuring “The Last Goodbye” by Jeff Buckley. Sambrook & Jones often use music lyrics in their books to great effect and this is no exception. Have a listen to the song during the scene and you’ll get so much more out of it.

In Griff Gristle: The Siren’s Song, Donald, Sambrook & Jones have captured lightning in a bottle for a second time. This looks and feels every inch like the Dark Horse or IDW book it could so easily be. It’s that good. REELY GOOD ( I’ll let myself out )

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Griff Gristle : The Siren’s Song Review
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