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Folk’d Up: Part two Folk’d trilogy by Laurence Donaghy

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“The Prophecy says that one of us , One Morrigan, will have to fight in the final battle against Carman. Whoever is chosen will endure more than the rest of us put together, but he’ll have been granted the power of the Tuatha De Danann – a god’s power to remake the world with a thought.”

Danny Morrigan has plunged through a portal into the Otherworld in a desperate bid to save his family and rescue his missing son.

He faces an epic Battle, not just against the terrifying Carman, but also with he dark histories and secrets buried deep within his own family and in the Morrigan line. To have any hope of victory, Danny must learn to tap into his own powers, and quickly, because above ground, the faeries have harnessed the power of technology to fuel their dark magics, and in a matter of days all of Ireland will be under their spell…

The clock is ticking.

Folk’d up continues right where Folk’d left off and so does the quality of the writing.

I’ve never read an author who captures the dynamics of relationships so well.

You’ll care about these characters, that’s down to, realistic, believable dialogue and Laurence Donaghy’s extremely visual style of writing.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a battle scene in ancient Ireland or a battle between a couple across a dining room table, his skill as a writer will take you right into the middle of it.

The heroes have the same flaws or doubts you or I would have in the same situations. Villains, you have HATED through the entire series, two words of dialogue and he will have you on the verge of tears for them.

This book is much darker than its predecessor. Much darker. The laughs are still there though; Laurence has observational skills and one liners that would put professional stand up comedians to shame.

I knew nothing about Irish Mythology & Legends when I started these books; they have left me wanting to know more.

We get more information on the Faeries and an encounter with a Changeling you aren’t going to forget in a hurry.

Plot highlights include us finding out what happened to cause Danny’s father to leave & the devastating effect that has on Danny & Tony.

The relationship between Tony & his own father, the best explanation for what really caused “The Troubles” In the north of Ireland I’ve ever read and an Origin Story for the hideous eight legged Sarah.

I made myself take my time with Folk’d Up. The third wasn’t going to be available until 2015 and it was terrible I had to wait that long to see what finally happened. The third book Completely Folk’d has since been published so you don’t have to agony of anticipation I had to read the next book, which you will want to as soon as you finish this.

These books will scare you, make you laugh make you literally turn the page to see what happens next. Buy them, today.

Folk’d Up Review
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