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Folk’d : Part one of the Folk’d Trilogy by Laurence Donaghy


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“What, smellin’ colours and hearin’ flavours?” Steve snorted,” Sounds like a right laugh. F**k only knows why there’s isn’t Synaesthesia Man in the X-Men. Missin’ a trick there aren’t they?”

He struck a dramatic pose and sniffed. “What’s this?! I can smell the Synaesthesia Signal! Ho! Away to the Tastes of Wednesday Cave!”


This is hands down the funniest novel I’ve ever read. If you like Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams this is for you. Laurence Donaghy is a fantastic observer of the human condition. His skill as a writer turns the everyday, the mundane, into situations that when read, cause to you to literally laugh out loud. At one line I almost had to suffocate myself with a pillow to stop myself from waking my wife I was laughing that hard.

Danny Morrigan works in a call centre , things haven’t gone as he planned them. His girlfriend has just given birth to a new baby, he’s had to give up university to support them. It’s not the life he had envisaged. But you should be careful what you wish for. The grass isn’t always greener on the Other Side.

I was attracted to this book because it was a fantasy novel, based in Belfast, that after reading the free chapter, I found funny. Remove any of these elements and it still would remain a fantastic book.

It isn’t a comedy though; it’s a tale of fantasy where funny things happen. Horror happens too, genuine moments of terror. Touching moments too, tugs on the old heart strings and a twist around the half way mark which genuinely made me go ” NOOOOO”

A rare book, one based in Belfast that has no mention of the troubles, which is a refreshing breath of fresh air. Fantastic use of language and speech, it feels authentic of Belfast without the clunky stereotypes of how we speak here.

I bought the Kindle version and knew immediately how much I liked it that I went out and bought a signed copy from Forbidden Planet in Belfast. The cliff hanger ending had me literally checking my calendar to see when part two was available. You will not regret this purchase and like me will be waiting not so patiently to rip into the second installment FOLK’D UP

Folk’d Review
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