Ether Review

Written By: Matt Garvey @mattgarvey1981

Art By: Dizevez @DIZEVEZ

“A Child killer on the loose and London’s Vigilante is on the case…”

I must admit now that I’ve been reading comics long enough that it has kinda reached the nothing new under the sun stage. I can’t remember the last time I looked at a character design and my jaw dropped. That was until I looked at the cover of “The Ether” for the first time.


Garvey & Dizevez have created just the most original and striking “hero” I’ve seen since I don’t know when.

The suit, the body language, the head tilt on the cover, the map mask – even the colour choices for the character just rock. Everything about the character just screams badass.

Yeah Stevie, but he’s just London’s Batman with shades of Rorschach from Watchmen isn’t he? I thought that and to a certain extent every vigilante in an urban environment is gonna have aspects of the Dark Knight but Garvey has created an intricate, nuanced, character that is all The Ether. I’m screaming for more, I’m screaming for a full origin story. There’s a twist regarding the characters identity I genuinely did not see coming and I made a sharp little intake of breath when it happened. Garvey is good with twists.

This book deals with some darkness. Seriously hard hitting topic of child murder & mutilation. Garvey does it with a deft touch, tackling a difficult subject to write about with style and tact while still making for compelling reading. Definitely one for mature readers though, even so.

Dizevez just blows it out of the water with this book.

I have been a big fan of her cover work on some of Matt Garvey’s other books and this is the first time I have seen her tackle interiors. She brings the same level of wow factor and eye candy to every panel in this book as she does with her fantastic covers. If you show me a better cover artist working on indie books today I’ll eat my hat. Just look at the Local Comic Shop & Charity Variants if you don’t believe me.

Her lighting techniques give a real sense of drama and place to the story and she uses a depth of field technique that blurs the action close to the fore frame that really draws your eye into the action and gives a really effective sense of movement. Beautifully coloured garish neon effects seem to light up the page. Details in backgrounds like reflections on trophies, architecture, raindrops on widows make this world a living breathing one you fully invest in. A canvas texture to the art that should draw you out of it – doesn’t. I can’t explain why but this texture to Dizevez’s art here just works.

I’m not big into comic speculation for the sake of profit but I genuinely think you might want to pick up an extra copy of this and hang onto it. Both Garvey and Dizevez have a serious career ahead of them in comics and you might want to get in on the ground floor with “The Ether.”

This is a gorgeous, dark story that could run and run. Garvey & Dizevez have created a character and a world I can’t wait to see more of. Buy this you will not regret it.

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Ether Review
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