Cosmic Comics, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Review

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Address: Suite F2 , 3830 E Flamingo, Las Vegas, NV 89121

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Twitter: @cosmicComicsLV


My first time in Las Vegas and when I’m anywhere on vacation first thing I do is check out local Comic Book Stores. This time I hit on an absolute goldmine.


Cosmic Comics is located in a little strip Mall a ways off the strip in Vegas. Definitely not within walking distance from the majority of hotels, especially in the Vegas heat. We got there because we had a hire car, but it is entirely possible to reach it using the local buses for just a couple of bucks.

Not much else of particular interest to me in the Strip Mall but there are a few stores where you can grab drinks, snacks or a packet of smokes if that’s your poison.

Atmosphere and Layout:

Cosmic Comics is a pretty old school comic book store. Surprisingly big, way bigger than it looks from the outside.  It was fairly light inside, pretty relaxed atmosphere.


Little to no original artwork on the walls, but a group of sofas you can sit on with complimentary water & coffee if you want it , which I think is always a nice touch and something you only really see in North American Stores.


This store has a massive amount of back issues. Maybe the most I’ve ever seen in a store. Books dating back to the 1940’s right up to recent issues.

The vintage stuff is kept in a fantastic row of custom cabinets which I could spend the next ten years of my life happily browsing.

Really key issues or valuable stuff is kept on display at the main counter. Around the outside walls they have some other key issues displayed above the racks where they have recent issues, and above the shelves and shelves and shelves of graphic novels .


Really good selection of TPB’s and  Hardback books. In the middle on tables they have longbox after longbox of 80’s 90’s & 2000’s back issues, huge range and selection all catalogued by series. I found some really sought after books ( by me at any rate ) in these for absolute bargain prices.



I picked up some serious bargains in Cosmic Comics. In the middle long boxes they had an alphabet sale on, meaning that particular series depending on which letter of the alphabet they started with were on sale. I picked up a few missing Hitman Issues, X-men Issues, Invaders, Hulk, all at really, really cheap prices.

The more serious books obviously command a more serious price, but I’d done my research before going and everything I bought was as cheap as I’d seen it elsewhere or online, in some cases a lot cheaper.


The staff at Cosmic Comics could not have been friendlier to me. The guy I was with isn’t a comic guy so he dropped me off, so that meant I was in store for over two hours.

They didn’t treat me with suspicion despite the length of time I was mooching around the stacks and boxes. They took time to chat to me about key issues and let me have a closer look. This was one of the first time I’d seen some of these key issues in the flesh and I think that it was obvious that I was having a great time, and they went out of their way to let me see every single rare book I asked about.

They know their stuff too. If you have a question about a key issue, or a question about who appeared in what, when ,they will know the answer in a heart beat. I also said I was worried about transport and they showed me some comic box files I’d never seen before which proved absolutely fantastic for travelling with.

Wow Factor:

I picked up some books in store I could only dream about seeing in a comic book store here in Ireland. Amazing Spider-man 50 – The famous Spider-man no more issue and First appearance Kingpin. I picked up Amazing Spider-man 42 – First appearance of Mary-Jane Watson. I picked up First Appearance Rogue in Avengers Annual 10, First appearance Jubilee In Uncanny X-men 244.


In the middle scale of things I picked up Watchmen #1 and HellBlazer #1 books I have never even seen in a store back home.


Lower down the scale I picked up Green Arrow #1 from Kevin Smith’s run and I picked up New Avengers #1 , a book I’ve been trying to get hold of for years.

The  wow factor for me In Cosmic Comics was the sheer volume of great Key Issues they had available.

If you are going to Vegas for a holiday and you have a thing for classic comics, or graphic novels, or recent issues? Cosmic Comics is a hell of a great place to take a break from the gaming tables & pick up your comic fix.


Cosmic Comics, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Review
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