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Completely Folk’d: Part three of the Folk’d trilogy by Laurence Donaghy

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“Magic is a funny thing.It’s limited only by imagination. Fiendish imagination, fiendish rules”

Ireland has been wiped from the face of the Earth. Pulled into the Otherworld, it is overrun by faerie hybrids, changelings and monsters.

Humans are being attacked on the street – they panic and fight amongst themselves, believing that this truly is the end of the world.

But there is one hope – Danny Morrigan.

A descendant of the War Goddess Morrigan, and charged with fighting the darkness, Danny must find away to return the balance to both worlds and reclaim the family that has been stolen from him.

No pressure.

Completely Folk’d is the final instalment in my all-time favourite book series. Yes you read that correctly. All-time.

No trilogy, including Lord of the Rings even comes close to the level of enjoyment I got from Laurence Donaghy’s writing. I’ve never anticipated the release of a book as much in my life. The delay in the third instalment’s release was excruciating.

It answers all the questions left tantalisingly by the other two, fills in the deliberately left gaps, completes the story into one glorious, beautiful whole.

It has it’s moments of brilliant comic prose, but this book is a LOT darker than the previous two, it has to be. You’ll still laugh out loud. I guarantee it. You might cry too though, be forewarned. Characters will surprise you. The greatest transformation of any character I’ve ever read takes place.

Embarrassingly I was reading the book in the bathroom and I was so captivated by it when I finally went to get off the toilet, my legs had completely gone to sleep. I was quite literally momentarily paralysed by its brilliance. Buy this book, buy the other two and strap yourself in for a fantastic ride.

Completely Folk’d Review
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