Action Lab: Dog Of Wonder #1 Review


Neal Adams Colouring Book Variant


Written by: Scott Fogg & Vito Delsante

Art by: Rosy Higgins & Ted Brandt

Letters: Full Court Press

Variant Cover: Marcus Williams


I’m not one for buying comic books, I’ll honestly admit that now. I love the characters, the superheroes and villains that have been brought to life through them, but I never pegged myself as a comic reader or buyer. Thanks to the recent onslaught of superhero movies from both Marvel and DC I have found myself wanting the learn more. I also enjoy the different design and art techniques used throughout all the comics (Skottie Young being one of my favourites) from artists to inkers to letterers.

Of course though, the very first comic book I bought for myself had to be animal related. Not Marvel, not Dc, but a superhero dog.



I’m a sucker for animal stories and the fact that it was also a colouring book style variant had me grabbing it off the shelf immediately! I’m such a child, I know, stop judging me!

The general gist of this comic is that Action Lab is of course a labrador that helps save other dogs from dire/bad situations, whilst also highlighting certain dog related experiences, such as dog baiting/fighting, dogs in pounds and situations in which a dog may be put down/euthanized. Action Lab to the rescue! When dogs from the local pound, puppy farms and rescue centres start going missing an investigation is called.

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This is a great comic book that is suitable for both children and adults alike. I absolutely love the art style throughout the comic, and though my version is the colouring book variant, meaning it’s not coloured, I have heard nothing but great reviews about the art and inking, and have it on my list to pick up in the near future. The lettering also doesn’t distract and works well within the style of the comic. It’s easy to read and the comic flows smoothly from panel to panel, page to page.

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With the right amount of humour and a very believable story, I cannot wait for the next instalment of Action Lab: Dog of Wonder! Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later!


Action Lab: Dog Of Wonder #1 Review
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